4 tips for sleeping well as a couple

Not enough room, snoring, theft of duvets… Sleeping together can quickly turn into a nightmare. Everyone has their own little habits and a very different way of diving into the arms of Morpheus. However, we can sometimes interfere with the rest of our spouse without wanting it, and vice versa.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, one in four American couples sleep separately due to poor cohabitation. But before you get to such extremes, here are some tips for sleeping well as a couple.


Snoring is the source of problems for many couples. Still, there are simple ways to limit them.

Sleeping on your side prevents snoring, by placing pillows behind the snorer’s back. Another option: a spray or humidifier can help clear and hydrate the nasal passages.

And at worst, there are always the earplugs which, while they can be a bit restrictive and annoying at first, are a real lifesaver. It is just a habit to take!


You can put a bedspread if you want to “hide” that you have two quilts and two duvet covers.

For the duvet cover, you have two options. Either you choose the same cover, or you take the opportunity to let your creativity take over and have two different duvet covers that reflect your personality.

To avoid being woken up by the cold in the middle of the night because the precious duvet has disappeared, or to spend your time fighting to stay warm, it is best to each have their own duvet.

In addition, you can choose a more or less fine duvet according to your needs, which may be different from those of your partner.


According to the Institut National de Sommeil Vigilance, we spend a third of our life in a bed and we perform an average of 40 movements each night.

Good bedding is therefore essential! She, therefore, recommends 160 x 200 cm or even 180 x 200 cm bedding for two people, which increases sleep time by 15%. A significant bonus!

In addition, you can opt for a custom dual control mattress, which allows you to change the level of firmness, or for a memory foam mattress, which absorbs movement.


One is a marmot, the other a night owl. Who has not encountered this problem? Different sleep times, different schedules… Everyone’s needs are not the same, and this can be a problem.

It is important to respect each other’s cycles in order to have quality and restful sleep.

With these tips, the bedroom should quickly become a place of rest and pleasure!