4 tips to grab a wedding

A wedding is a great place to meet someone. If you are single and will soon celebrate the union of one of your friends, here are the best tips for finding love at a wedding.

Let’s go! The wedding season has started. If you are soon invited to a wedding and you are single, you are aware that this is the ideal place to meet.

No, forget the groom, this one is already broken. But among all the guests, you’re more likely to find your perfect companion. Weddings are great for dancing, flirting and having a good time. So obviously, we imagine that you risk having a good evening!

“I know a lot of people who have met at a wedding,” said Carmelia Ray, wedding planner, at Hello Giggles. So whether you’re sitting at a singles table or not, here are his top tips for meeting love at a wedding party.

Be strategic

Depending on your relationship with the newlyweds, you can ask them to sit next to potential singles. “Before the wedding, you can ask them if they plan to make a table dedicated to singles. You can also offer to place them next to those they think are best for you,” says Carmelia Ray. Obviously, if you request this type of service, do not hesitate to offer help with the organization or the seating plan, because it is often a real headache.

The specialist adds: “If you can, also ask the bride and groom if they can introduce you to someone specific, on the wedding day “. But be careful not to ask too much, keep in mind that D-Day is dedicated to the bride and groom and not to you (your turn may come soon).

Don’t be afraid to talk to people

The best way to meet people is to reach out to people. Avoid staying in your corner, because no one will come to pick you up. “If you’re shy, one of the best ways to approach someone at a wedding is to ask if the person knows the bride or groom rather. It’s a very simple way to start the conversation.”, says the specialist. “Whatever happens, you already have a connection, since you necessarily know the couple,” she adds.

You can also discuss the choice of music or meal, simply. The goal is to start a conversation to see if the current flows between you.

Pay attention to your body language

If you want to meet someone, you have to appear accessible. In this case, avoid staying in a corner, arms crossed and sullen air. Also, avoid spending your evening on your phone. “You may miss opportunities to make eye contact, for example,” advises Carmelia Ray.

Go around the room, go dancing, talk to people. It’s the best way to meet as many people as possible and to get noticed!

Talk to everyone

To find love and therefore make others want to go to you, you must appear sociable. In a marriage, avoid talking only to people you know or are by your side. Meet the families of the bride and groom, chat as much with the grandparents as with the brothers and sisters and play a little with the children.

Try to get to know as many people as possible. “Maybe someone will want to introduce you to someone they know, who knows?” Says the wedding planner.

If you are stressful meeting new people, Carmelia Ray recommends asking relatives for help, so as not to feel too lonely. And above all, don’t put yourself under pressure. “Have fun and be happy, that’s the main thing. If you can’t find love at a wedding, it may be the next thing or just in a bar or dating app,” she concludes…