4 unique ways to woo a disappointed man

1. Listen to him

Pay attention in their conversations. Give him time and opportunity to talk, share his problems and ideas. Listen to him and advise him. Make him feel comfortable expressing himself with you.

Try asking him questions about his day, what makes him happy, what he dreams of, and what his passions are. Your interest will make him feel flattered, appreciated, and help build trust between you.

2. Be patient

If you feel like you’re going to explode because you don’t want to tell him everything you feel, find a trusted friend and tell her your feelings.

She will be able to impartially analyze that boy’s attitude towards you and thus help you decide if it is time to express your love to him. We are not saying that the man should be the first to say “I love you,” but ideally feelings are expressed when they are mutual.

If you say it too soon and he doesn’t feel the same (or worse, he doesn’t know how he feels about you), you will be seriously disappointed.

Another option, in case you do not have a trusted friend, is to record all your feelings in a journal. In this way you will vent a bit of the feeling to think with a cool head and define if it is really the right time to express your love.

3. Integrate each other into your lives

It may sound routine or cliché, but that you participate in his day-to-day and he in yours will create a connection. It is not necessary for them to be connected 24 hours a day, in fact that can be counterproductive, but they do have to share at least one hour of the day.

In this way you show him that you want to be with him without suffocating him, but at the same time that you are able to take time to share with him.

Meet his family and befriend his friends. The approval of his circle is essential to convince him to have a relationship after being hurt by another girl.

4. Conquer him with your body language

Sometimes words are not necessary to express yourself. You can use your body language to subtly make him notice what you’re feeling. What can you do?

  • Avoid crossing your limbs.
  • Lean slightly toward him to show your interest.
  • Always keep a smile on your face.
  • Moisten your lips a little or bite them lightly when they are talking.
  • Maintain subtle eye contact with him and play with your hair every now and then.
  • Have delicate contact with him: touch his hand or arm when you see fit, fix his shirt collar, comb his hair with your hand.