40 tips to find the love of your life where you least expect it

Life passes and dreams go, so don’t wait for a miracle to be happy. Well, finding the love of your life only depends on your attitude. And attitude to find love does not mean going out to search, but exploring in your own life. Where is the perfect love?

The man of your dreams is not in a physical or temporary place, he is in an emotional moment. That emotional moment is totally your responsibility. You can be aware or not that you are approaching love or moving away. However, feeling loved only depends on what you do with your emotions.

Let’s see some tips that you can take into account if you want to find the love of your life.

1.- First you have to prepare to be ready for the love of your life

Loving is an emotional state that begins with you. When you feel love for someone you give what you have. Many times all you have is a need for someone to make you happy, for someone to complete you. In that situation, love is very difficult, because nobody is going to be just what you want.

When a person is not what you want, you may want to change him, but that will only mean suffering. Well, finding love has to do more with your life than with what you are looking for. It is important to learn to “give to receive”. You have to prepare to give, prepare for love.

2.- Your self-love will make you feel safe, you are beautiful and unique.


To find love it is very important that you believe that you are beautiful and capable enough to have a good life. Nobody is perfect, a man does not look only at a pretty face. A pretty girl attracts, but her personality falls in love.

Therefore, take care of your self-esteem, take care of your self-love, your values. Physique can matter, exercise, eat healthy. But the most important thing is the attitude towards life. Be positive, appreciative, and happy with the little things in life.

3.- Secret to find the love of your life: Do not idealize it

If both lovers disappoint you, it is not because of them, it is because you idealize them. You want him to be the man of your dreams so much that you idealize him. You find the man with that ideal potential and you don’t see him as he is, but as you want him to be. It is very common in new relationships.

It is good to have a positive vision of love, but he is an ordinary man with defects and virtues. Raise your self-esteem, there are no perfect relationships, love your freedom. Do not create dependency.

4.- When love floods your life, you look more beautiful and confident


One of the best spells to find love is that you focus your life towards your happiness. Every happy, confident and beautiful woman is very attractive to men. You can realize that step to beauty when you are in love and with someone who loves you.

When a woman is in a couple and feels very loved, she looks more beautiful. When a woman is full of joy and feels loved, she lights up. But you don’t need the man of your dreams to be by your side. You can flood your life with love for yourself.

5.- Define what you want from love, you deserve to be very happy

You need the assurance that it is your responsibility to be very happy and that it is your complete responsibility. You don’t need someone to complete you to be happy, you have yourself. You don’t need to wait for the perfect moment to be happy. Decide to have more attitudes and emotions of love towards yourself.

You are alive, you breathe, you awake, you are a source of energy, value yourself, you have everything enough. What do you want out of life right now, set your priorities. Study, get married, raise your children, change your life. That is your true love. Your lifestyle is the place to find the love of your life.

6.- Remember that love above all implies being able to enjoy freedom


Many couples say they love each other when in reality they are subjected to their own feelings of attachment. Who loves does not demand, rather gives. The person who has love does not control, he is sure of himself. The woman who lives in love is free, she does not have ties that generate excuses.

The security of the loving and happy woman is not her partner, but what she can do with her talents. When there is or is not love, you attract the right man for your condition. Love means progress, conquer a better life. Love means that you have the freedom to be yourself as a creator.

7.- The man of your dreams is an ordinary person


What to do to find the love of your life? Don’t look for a perfect man. The man of your dreams is not a movie hunk, he is someone who has an affinity for you. The perfect man for you, they also have flaws and you have to accept, tolerate and not try to change.

The best places to find the love of your life are where you have fun. It is who you communicate best with. Focus on ordinary people who have dreams similar to yours.

8.- To find love you don’t have to focus on pleasing others


One of the secrets to finding love is living your life on your own terms. You do not have to do things to please others, but because you enjoy. Not everyone has to agree with what you do, you do not live according to the opinion of others.

A woman focused on what she loves to do looks more confident and attractive to a man. Trying to please others has the opposite effect. You will find someone who will always require you to do things that you like, you will live enslaved, postponing your happiness.

9.- Do not confuse love as a couple, with feelings of friendship


Every person needs company, to be with someone, to feel appreciated. We like the opinions of third parties. A girl appreciates her friends, loves them, but she is not love as a couple. Finding the love of your life means feeling passion, intimacy, overflowing with emotions.

Sometimes you need something to make you feel alive, appreciated, etc., but he doesn’t necessarily have to be the man of your dreams. Therefore, identify well if it is the true love of your life.

10.- Never forget that your priority is always to love yourself

Feeling loved is basically feeling the power of your self-love. Finding love is not finding a perfect man, but having a life focused on your self-esteem. When you love yourself enough, the

perfect man appears in front of you.

When your priority is to love yourself you become a magnet, you attract the right man. But it is not a perfect man coming to you, it is you appreciating the extraordinary in an ordinary man.

11.- Make sure you have the right attitude at the right time

The best places to find the love of your life are not physical, they are emotional. Anywhere is a good place to click with a person when you’re in the right attitude. Life stands out for others your entire inner life. Your inner life is like a craftsman of how you look, what energy you project.

Observe yourself, there are always emotions, people, places that make your personality flourish. Reflect, they are your emotions, you can provoke them again without external incentives.

12.- The most satisfactory thing is to achieve emotional intimacy before physical intimacy

Emotional intimacy is more important and more complex than physical intimacy in a couple. Maintaining the harmony of emotions allows them to feel more secure and empathetic. For example when they intentionally and deliberately share moments.

Sharing time, interests, feelings, thoughts, goals, and ideals strengthens a partner. But it is something that first occurs in the individual privacy of each one. Sharing experiences, dreams, fears and secrets does not just anyone.

13.- You have to become a woman with great self-confidence

To find love take your time, look for patience in your life. Be perceptive and open to new ideas that allow you to make relationships.

14.- You will have to become a more sociable and friendly woman . Smile more, communicate more with the people around you. Each person on your path should generate positive energy for you. Enjoy and get plenty of exercise.

15.- Respect yourself and be honest with yourself . Set yourself little challenges and meet them, that way you can do the same with other people. A woman with great desires is an attraction for a man with values.

16.- Share your feelings after reflecting . Spontaneity generates positive emotions in relationships. When true feelings don’t go away overnight, very strong bonds are created.

17. Never give up to find the love of your life . Never give up building true love, everything is in yourself. When you least expect it, the man of your dreams will appear attracted by what you radiate.

18. Be brave to make new friends or seek help . The worst they can say is no, but if they say yes, you’ll have a better chance of success.

19.- If the love of your life is not the true one, do not collapse . You go wrong again and again, it is part of your growth as a person. Don’t give up on other relationships like friends and family.

20. Do not do anything that you consider dangerous or risky . Much better is building your relationship-making skills by taking small risks that you can control.

21.- Best options or places to find the love of your life

Friends of your girlfriends boyfriends are a good option. But watch the people that show up when you practice those things you love.

22.- The best spell to find the man of your dreams is using your smile as a weapon of seduction

23.- On your first date with a potential love of your life, wear accessories to highlight your beauty

24.- The man is very visual, so wear very comfortable clothes, but don’t go overboard

25.- To meet new people with compatible tastes, sign up for something you like

26.- Do not give yourself the luxury of missing any opportunity to find the love of your life. The man of your dreams is beyond appearances

27.- We have the Internet, dating sites and social networks, they are a good resource, especially for your personal training

28.- If you like a boy, do not hesitate to make emotional and physical contact. Direct contact arouses interest in an unconscious way

29.- Do you want better advice or tips to find the love of your life? Get inspired by Hollywood blockbusters, each movie delivers a great message

30.- Fall in love with the sport to improve your appearance and to make new positive relationships

31.- What makes a relationship successful is not thinking alike, but thinking together

Let your eyes speak, smile more, look more they are total security. Communicate more with non-verbal language, kiss more, laugh more and above all laugh at yourself.

32.- Sign up for all the plans that attract your attention and where you can make more friends

33.- Pay special attention to your body language, your body is speaking without you noticing

34.- Nothing better than traveling to change your ideas, get out of your comfort zone and meet new people

35.- If you go out to meet men, do not go out with your friends, a male is intimidated by another male

36.- Do things on your own, a girl alone who acts with confidence, arouses the curiosity of anyone

37.- Wear something that attracts attention. If you are comfortable, you will project more confidence in yourself

38.- Acquire security so that the first step can be taken by you. Why wait for him to ask you out?

39.- Learn to enjoy the little things and the moment. Be flexible and tolerant, do not be shocked by anything and open your mind

40.- Learn to be yourself. Do not appear to be the person you are not to like more. Love yourself and be honest with yourself and with others

To find love you have to learn to be honest with your life and with yourself. That way you will be honest with the person in front of you. You will like for what you are, even with your weaknesses. Just be happy doing what you can do right now.