5 couple resolutions to make this year

We have not yet finished with the resolutions to be taken for this new year. You have surely thought of job, fitness, beauty, fashion, but did you think of a couple? Here are 5 couple resolutions to make this year for a strong and happy couple.

Listen better

We cannot say it enough: good communication is the basis of a fulfilling and lasting relationship. The resolution to take this year is therefore to communicate, even more, to listen not to answer but to understand.

trust the other

To trust the other a little more is to grant him a little more independence. Trusting also means stopping snooping into your phone and falling into excessive jealousy.

Spend quality time with each other

Find time in your respective agendas to spend time together and do activities that you both enjoy the most.

Say what I feel

We often expect the other to know how we feel and what we are thinking. Unfortunately, no matter how close you are to your man, it’s a little reason to expect him to read your mind.  Always tell him how you feel without being super defensive or critical of him. 

Take care of me

These are two individualities that create the couple. It is important to work on ourselves to offer the best part of ourselves to the other. We must therefore spend quality time with ourselves and not hope that the other create our own happiness.