5 effective ways to attract a man

The art of seduction is not a contemporary notion. Already in primitive times, attraction began with a simple glance between two individuals.

In the game of seduction, we must use all the weapons in our favor and, why not, sometimes break the rules.

Gone are the days when women had to wait to be courted; today they can take the first step.

In this article, we won’t go into the mundane questions in detail, which would amount to talking about how a pretty outfit is eye-catching.

But what is it that really attracts a man? The first thing to do is dive into the basic psychology and social skills that we lack.

How to attract a man?

Seducing a man first involves knowing yourself, knowing who you are, and feeling sure of yourself.

We need to impart inner confidence, regardless of what our physical appearance shows. The key is to take the following steps:

  • Encourage him not only to be interested in you but also to desire you
  • Become the person they can trust
  • Send signs with a hint of ambiguity
  • Give the illusion that others want you
  • Make him believe he needs you

Besides, it’s not just about femininity. A woman with characteristics specific to the traditional role, understanding, vulnerable, and at the same time independent, will undoubtedly arouse curiosity in a man. We will analyze this in more detail.

1. Interest

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself: what makes me vulnerable to this person? Analyze what is changing in your body language and modify your movements.

A good thing to do is smile and look comfortable.

Under no circumstances should you let it show that you are nervous playing with your hair, biting your lip or stuttering.

Be energetic and creative when starting the conversation: this will give him confidence and pique his interest.

2. Confidence

The secret is to get close in a subtle way, because by being too direct, you risk creating resistance. The seduction must be done gradually: the man must not notice your existence too quickly.

You can initiate a reconciliation through a third party, but your behavior should be neutral. It is always better to give the other person the opportunity to speak so that you can analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

In the art of seduction, the one who wins is the one who keeps a cool head, because if you let yourself be guided by your emotions, you will lose control of the situation.

3. Ambiguity

The next step is to get him to notice your presence by getting his attention. How to do? It is advisable to send contradictory signs which put him in doubt.

In other words, be gentle, intelligent, but be fragile at the same time. It will get him into a state of confusion, and the mystery will keep him close to you.

Consider the following analogy: Marketing gives you a product by showing you all of its good qualities, which makes it so irresistible that you want to try it as soon as possible.

In relationships, it works the same and that’s when the imagination works. The fact of not giving him a taste, metaphorically speaking, is a challenge and will certainly bring out the instinct of competition you have.

It should be stressed that you should not feel sure to attract him until he clearly shows in your presence that he likes you and that he also feels your absence.

Certainly, the way you dress and the shine of your lipstick will make him turn around to look at you. But your goal is to capture his mind, so that he sees that behind your appearance is more than that.

To achieve this, you need to balance disinterest against insecurity. Which means you don’t have to be too shy or too cold – mix the two and you’ll catch it.

4. The illusion

Why do we want what others have? There is something in psychology called “missing piece syndrome” which explains why you want what you don’t have.

It is not a situation-specific to the field of love, we see it daily. We are under pressure when someone succeeds and we don’t.

It is a dissatisfaction that does not move us forward and that generates concern. A woman that others avoid arouses no interest.

It is necessary for you to show yourself as a desirable person, for the man to believe that you are recognized among others. It will automatically increase your value and it will do whatever it can to get you.

5. The need


A satisfied person will hardly be seduced. You have to make him believe that he needs you. There are endless other women out there who are directly or indirectly your competitors.

So you have to show your best qualities and project an image of superiority.

You can start by touching sensitive themes, situations from her past through which you will allow her to see that you are much better than other women.

Your best bet is to stay strong so that he can feel he can trust you and feel vulnerable.

This is one way of taking a step far beyond friendship; if you rekindle an injury, the anxiety of filling that void will make her discover that you are the one who will fill her needs.

The opportunity to fill a void is a weakness that is used to seduce.

Be charming but subtle, don’t invade her space and let her seek you out. Otherwise, if you are intrusive, it will eventually leave.

You have to make it so that when he is with you he feels peaceful and at ease, but when you walk away he misses you.

So, ready to attract him?