5 good reasons to go back to your ex.

1. Because you know what to expect.

No doubt, with your ex, you are on familiar ground. Nothing new under the sun, you know each other inside out, and, to the point of happiness, the other knows – and accepts – all your little flaws. This second “test” therefore leaves no room for disillusion or unpleasant surprises, because you are acting knowingly.
Betting on the past is, therefore, rediscovering a sweet feeling of security with someone in whom you have complete confidence.

2. Because you haven’t found anything better.

“We know what we are losing, but not what we are winning”. This famous popular saying has never seemed so right. After several unsuccessful attempts and further disappointments, you have opened your eyes; what if this break up was just a way of realizing the importance of X in your life?
You who thought that the grass would be greener elsewhere, in the small game of comparisons, yet it is your ex who wins every time. Are you out of pride missing out on the love of your life?

3. Because he/she has radically changed.

It took many crises, and a breakup, but you must now face the facts: your ex is no longer that unbearable and angry being that you left a few years ago at the end of yet another argument, but a concentrate of sweetness and kindness. For good this time? Has X finally learned from his / her mistakes? Age, maturity, and experience are sometimes good.
So, if X got rid of all those flaws that were making you angry, do you still have reasons not to fall back into his arms?

4. Because you have never forgotten him/her.

It is a consequence of reason nº2. In the breakup, you have not only lost your partner, but also your best friend, your confidant, your playmate, a protective and caring shoulder,… your future? No matter how hard you try to chase him/her from your thoughts, your brain has decided otherwise, and everything is a pretext to bring back the good times spent with your lost love. Even if it means obscuring, sometimes, all the unpleasant memories associated with this relationship.

5. Because you can’t fight pheromones.

You can’t do anything about it, it’s scientific (and that’s the most serious thing). How many couples spend their lives tearing apart, but without being able to envisage, for a single moment, a definitive breakup? We know, thanks to the Swiss scientist Claus Wedekind, the role of pheromones on the s**xual behavior of animals and plants. What if pheromones were responsible for the overwhelming attraction you feel for X?

In summary, it is quite possible for whatever reason to return to your ex as long as you have the right methods.
Without good support, you risk destroying all your chances of returning to your ex. You will find in this training all the keys necessary to get there.