5 keys to love again after a breakup

Yes to love, even after a painful breakup!

Breaking up is never easy to take, whether we were together for a month or ten years. But once the storm calms down, you have to move on, put the tissues away and bounce back. For many, the separation is so difficult that the fear of once again falling into great heartache is very present. It is therefore complicated to say yes to love again. To get back in the saddle and be able to love again, here are the essential keys to remember.

1. say stop to guilt

The breakup weakens, and it only takes a little for that damn guilt to catch up with you. It appears following alleged mistakes or remorse related to the idea that the story could have happened otherwise. Most of the time, it is synonymous with accountability. You might have a tendency to feel responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of others. But if there is one responsibility to take, it is that of your happiness. The best thing to do is to take the time to please yourself. For example, you can list everything you couldn’t do as a couple and start doing them.

2. embrace grief

The sadness comes from the fact that something has changed, that you have lost a loved one, the one you love. But it is a transitory course which must make you accept a new reality. So, it is important that you mourn what is no more. And the best thing to do in this case is let your emotions flow and express them. Cry like a child without worrying about your head. Tears will rid you of stressful chemicals that you release when you are upset. Then allow yourself to be helped and consoled by telling others about your sadness until the urge to have fun pops up.

3.Stop saying you’re not beautiful

Separation, whether wanted or not, rarely gives you extra confidence. But if you don’t love yourself, you may not like yourself as well, and no man will come to you. So, first learn to look at yourself, find some fondness for yourself, and see yourself as you look at someone you love. Keep in mind that a worked look can really work wonders. This is important, because you were used to the eyes of one man, and you forgot the eyes of others.

4.It’s never too early to love

When we are afraid to move forward, we tend to say that it is too early to meet people. It is true that after a painful breakup, loneliness is essential to protect yourself and to take stock. It is certainly not a pleasant period at all, but it is very constructive. However, many skip this step because they are hungry for fantasies fostered during dating, and this is where the error lies. Still, it’s important to cultivate loneliness because it can lock you in. It should therefore be temporary, without forcing you to find someone to love. You have to keep in touch with the outside world: outings with girls, dinners with friends, sport …

5.The fear that slows down

The main obstacle after having a broken heart following a romantic separation is the fear… that of loving again, because meeting people is to risk falling in love again and in the end experiencing heartache again. Returning to love is also allowing yourself to desire and be desired, and not just on the carnal level, and this is what stirs up fear. To move forward, therefore, it is essential to project yourself with a man who is far from Prince Charming, but just someone to love.