5 limits you must impose in your relationship

Investing everything in a relationship is healthy if it goes both ways. Never let your family or friends down for your partner. Ask yourself if the person who shares your life brings you harmony and tranquility, and if they are the people you want to grow old with.

There is nothing more intense and rewarding than being in love and being loved. But you have to be careful not to fall into the error of giving your whole self to the other person. This is why we are explaining to you here what limits you must impose in your relationship.

To protect you, above all.

How to protect yourself in a relationship

1. Do not give him “everything” without “never” receiving anything in return

This is a mistake we tend to make. Loving someone comes down to opening up all our emotions, without finding limits in the relationship of a couple, by offering them everything out of passion and sincere altruism.

This is good, without a doubt. But of course, on condition that the other person responds and shows us that any effort is worth it. That every gesture is reinforced by a sincere love where selfishness does not exist.

If we give our all and only receive demands and reproaches, the moment of frustration will come and we will feel quite empty. This feeling is very destructive and must be taken into account.

Love, offer, give… but remember that you deserve to receive the same.  

2. Don’t let it destroy your self-esteem and values

In a couple, it is usual that there are different tastes, affinities and even, values. But as long as there are respect and recognition, everything will work out fine.

You can allow your partner, for example, to show off spontaneity, fun, going out… but you should also demand time to share together and regularly ask for quiet and intimate days at home. There has to be a balance.

But if the other person criticizes us for not being ‘that fun’ or ‘partying’ as they would like, we will feel bad and start doubting ourselves. Am I a really boring person? Am I a person he can’t be happy with?

Questions like these can hurt our self-esteem. We have to respect and show off ourselves. It’s essential. If respect does not exist, happiness cannot exist.

3. Don’t get invaded or let your personal space destroyed

We all have affinities, friends, passions… things that we cannot give up. Never leave your family or friends aside for your spouse.

Do not give up everything you like and put limits on your relationship, otherwise, you will have nothing left and you will lose your identity.

Personal space represents those intimate spaces where our personality, our social life, and our passions are located. Don’t neglect it.

4. Don’t let your dreams and hopes fade

Sometimes we maintain emotional relationships with toxic people. People who cut off our wings and tell us, day after day, that we are not capable of such and such a thing.

That we are not smart to do a certain activity, that this work that we so long for is not done for us because we are not up to it.

Personalities who, day after day, dismantle our aspirations, by making of our personality a caricature in which neither brilliance nor energy remains. Don’t allow that.

5. Don’t let people turn you into an unhappy person

It is the most important. When you get up in the morning, ask yourself if you are happy. Ask yourself if the person by your side is the one with whom you want to grow old, the one who will accompany your maturity and who will live near you in harmony and tranquility.

If it brings you security, maturity, and dreams, don’t doubt it, this relationship is worth living and you have to fight against it.

But if you are feeling empty and perceive that this couple is not bringing you smiles but tears, and you are living with an underlying sadness, you will need to react.

You deserve to be happy. It is the vital right of every person. For this, we must impose limits in the relationship of couple and make them respect.