5 reasons why your intelligence prevents you from falling in love

Long term single? Perhaps it is your IQ that puts you in the dark. And it’s probably not such a bad thing …
Being smarter than the average isn’t all about the benefits. In love, for example, our intelligence can act as a brake. Whether it’s finding it or keeping it. Feelings of incomprehension, need for independence, professional accomplishment are all traits that intelligent people find it difficult to leave aside in favor of love.

1- You have a (great) need for independence

Smart people would particularly appreciate their independence in all areas of their lives. Not that it prevents them from falling in love and / or needing the other, but their thirst for freedom often takes precedence within their relationship, sometimes causing tension. For this to work, it will therefore be necessary to find a partner capable of understanding and respecting this need. And it can take a while.

2- You never rush in love

If intelligent people are single, it is often because they want to. Not that they wish to remain alone until the end of time, but they see this period of scarcity as an opportunity to reflect on their past relationships, the mistakes made and to eventually question themselves. An attitude which could pass for the nonchalance but which would help them finally not to couple more for bad reasons .

3- You are careful

Although they are looking for great love, intelligent people grope their way even when they believe they have found it. The reason ? They keep in mind their past failures and sufferings and prefer to invest with caution in their relationships. A sort of defense mechanism put in place to guard against possible future disappointments.

4- You analyze (a lot) things

Thinking, dissecting, analyzing, these are characteristics specific to people with superior intelligence. But they also expect to have a contact with whom to discuss all these exciting things. Their lover ideally. Except that it is still necessary that the latter wants it too. Does he find it boring? That it goes its way then, is proof that it was not the right one. Finally, taking a little head can help us to be more rational and avoid being blinded by emotions.

5- You favor your career

If, for all the reasons mentioned above, people with an IQ above the norm can struggle to find love, they do, however, excel in many areas. Their job for example, in which they tend to dedicate themselves body and soul sometimes even to take refuge there. A vicious circle which only delays the maturity of love. And besides, their personal, professional achievement and maturity should ultimately pay off and as the saying goes: “Older marriage, happy marriage”.