5 romantic texts for your boyfriend


Writing little love texts, little messages, just like getting them, always spices up a relationship!

Do you want to please and surprise the person who shares your life? A little love text always makes you happy , it changes the usual “I love you”.

When love texts are unexpected, it always has its effect on the person concerned. Why ? Because you give him your attention, your love, and you took the trouble to send him a text from your heart .

However, rare are the people who manage to transcribe their emotions and their feelings through words. So if this is your case, if you are unable to talk about your feelings here are some examples of love texts specially made to declare your love to the person who shares your life , of course you can personalize them and adjust them to your liking. situation, to your liking and produce your love letter .


Text 1: The best gift of my life

Whatever happens, whatever happens, you are the greatest gift I ever thought to have. A minute spent without you is like an eternity without light . Nothing and no one can replace your place in my heart.

I swear to you on my life that this will never change, you are anchored in me, you have taken up all the space in my heart, not letting anyone in and you have upset my whole life.

You were able to bring out the best in me , you are my end and my beginning, my absolute happiness. I love you

I’m overjoyed, I’m happy, I haven’t stopped smiling since you’ve been here. Thank you for taking part in my adventure on this Earth.

Text 2: From the first glance, the story of a simple meeting has become the most beautiful love story

I’m too used to being with you, I can’t look at anyone other than you anymore . I familiarized myself with your presence, it’s a real paradise you know.

I can’t stop thinking about you my love, it’s only your name that rings in my head. And now I dare to tell you that I will never leave this piece of happiness, even for all the fortune in the world.

With you I feel happy, with you I feel loved, with you I don’t suffer. It looks like our story dates back to yesterday, I remember the first one when we took our hands , it was a pleasure and a joy for us. Oh yes that I remember!

I love you let me say it, you are my destiny I will not stop repeating it. With you only, I dare to say what I really feel: true love.

Text 3: My happiness, my whole world, my life is you

I am living a daydream filled with pure happiness and smiling with you. My face has become brighter and until now I can’t believe this is real.

You are my sweet sunshine which wakes me tenderly with its warm softness with me. No matter what happens, no matter what happens, even if everyone is against you, I’ll be by your side.

Do you know that I only love you? The other men, I don’t see them anymore. You are the mechanism that makes my life work, my support through thick and thin. Your name echoes in my deepest thoughts.

At every moment of my life: I move I think of you, I eat I think of you and even while sleeping I think. I could make myself a song with all our history and our journey. My soul only wants you. To you the man of my life, I love you.

Text 4: You are my soul mate

The one I have always been waiting for, here you are now, I finally found you. The only one with whom I would like to share my whole life, the only one with whom I would like to start a family .

I cannot measure the greatness of my love for you, sometimes I even want to shout it out to the world. This man I love him, these words ring in my mind and capsize my heart. You are my angel from heaven who makes me soar in the clouds because with you I forget all my worries.

I want to be nowhere but to be near you , and to reveal you face to face by looking at you in your deep eyes that at last I have found the great love, my prince charming. Here I am in love and overwhelmed with joy! I love you my darling.


In short, the words of love are always happy, whether you are the author or the acquirer of these sweet words , it is always happy.

You don’t need to be a great poet to declare your love, the main thing is your action, your gesture to find something to offer your partner.

Our texts are there to help people who have trouble with words. Nevertheless, they remain customizable because each person is different, so find yours, express your love!