5 scientifically proven little actions to strengthen our relationship

It may seem trivial, however, as scientists explain, some simple gestures can help strengthen a romantic relationship.

1- Prepare a coffee

Preparing a cup of coffee in half would have great effects on the couple’s health. Psychologist Terri Orbuch also author of “5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great” studied the behavior of 373 couples over the age of 28, which enabled him to discover that small gestures of kindness of this kind help to consolidate an already strong relationship because it allows the other to feel appreciated, important.

2- Go out in couples

A study by Stony Brook University invited 150 couples to meet for 45 minutes. Time they could spend discussing or asking personal questions. The results revealed that couples talking to each other about personal and deep matters felt more in love than those who engaged in small, superficial conversations. In fact, do not hesitate to regularly invite a couple of friends to dinner, you will get out all four winners.

3- Tweet less

The dating site OkCupid analyzed data from more than 800,000 of its users and this allowed it to make a funny correlation: people who tweet a lot had shorter relationships and masturbated more. Enough to curb the urge to surf the internet a little too frantically.

4- kiss more often

Kissing frequently would make us more satisfied with our romantic relationship, according to a study published. Researchers from the University of Oxford have questioned more than 900 adults, in particular on the frequency of their kisses and the satisfaction of their relationship. And they discovered that the more the couples kissed, the more their relationship was fulfilled.

5- Watch romantic comedies together

Doesn’t he love romantic comedies? Never mind ! Explain to him that watching romantic comedies together would limit your chances of getting divorced one day by 50% according to a study carried out by the University of Rochester , he could then follow by himself on “Love at first sight at Nothing Hill” . Or not. But it was worth a try.