5 sentences that prove he doesn’t love you anymore

The break is near …

Lately, you feel that your relationship with Jules is going downhill, and you start to question his feelings for you.

To help you see it a little more clearly, here are 5 sentences that should put you in your ears …

  1. “I do not care “

If as soon as you ask your Jules for something (whether it’s the evening’s program, this weekend’s restaurant or the destination of your next vacation) his answer is “I don’t care”, it’s clear: he clearly no longer wants to invest in the relationship.

  1. “No, I didn’t miss you too much”

If after a more or less long absence on your part, you feel that your man has not missed you at all and that he is as enthusiastic about you as he would be about his tax slip, it’s clear, it smells like scorching.

  1. “If I see the future with you?” But I don’t know ”

Unless your relationship is fresh, a man who has such a hard time projecting himself with you is either not yet sufficiently in love, or no longer in love at all … A little discussion is in order!

  1. “You do what you want “

Even if you love to claim your autonomous side and your independence, you have to admit that a man who lets you go out every night of the week, lead your life without him, without seeming to be interested in what you do and with whom, it’s still not the best …

  1. ” Fend for yourself! “

In a couple, we share good times together … but also the galleys! So if as soon as things are not going strong your darling abandons you and leaves you to face everything on your own without supporting you, it’s time to question the relationship!

And as a bonus:  “Your friend Marine, is she still single? “.