5 signs a man likes you

Discovering the signs that a man likes you is to find out the true feelings behind that pleasant smile, that intense look, those sweet words and those details that make you fall in love …

Finding out if this special someone really likes you can be quite a chore when it comes to feelings and emotions.

According to several studies carried out on young people and adolescents between 15 and 25 years of age, there are countless characteristics and particular behaviors that show that this person actually changes when they are with you or are attracted to you.

Experts indicate that the success of a conquest is not based on great physical attractiveness, there are many physically attractive people with disastrous romantic relationships and therefore who are alone.
In the same way, there are people who are not so striking in their physical appearance but who have managed to combine all the basic aspects of their s**x appeal when launching into conquest and have lasting and harmonious relationships.

Next I will give you some signs that are key when finding out if that boy indisputably likes you.

5 signs a man likes you


One of the most obvious characteristics is the blush on her face, and her appearance and attitude changes dramatically.


His timbre of voice breaks, when you call him, you speak to him in front, he hesitates, he loses the words, he does not know what to say, even if he has a prepared speech, he loses the words.


His walk and style are lost, he is disturbed, he is confused, many times he is clumsy and he falls, he trips over things, he gets tangled when he walks because he feels embarrassed when he knows you are looking at him.

The look

His gaze is one of the most obvious features, his eyes shine more than normal, his gaze is intense, deep, fixed, if he is a shy person he may be elusive in his gaze but when he looks at you you feel it, you perceive it, it notes


He tries to be kinder than normal, he has special details with you and he does not have them with others, he shows you that you are special to him.

There is an air of attraction around when a couple attracts each other, it is perceived in their looks, their actions, their s**x appeal. Everyone feels it except those involved. It is something curious, ethereal. If this person meets these simple characteristics, they will proceed to call you and write to you regularly and they will go from the perception of emotions to words.

Once you show and perceive his feelings and actions, he writes you and calls you frequently, he will invite you out. From a simple afternoon in the park to a romantic night depending on the progress in the conquest.

Finally he will launch to confess what he feels, from now on how long the relationship lasts and the feeling depends on you, on both of you . When he asks you out for the first time, do not despise him, it has taken him a lot of effort to get here, be prudent, and above all hide, pretend that you do not know what is happening, they love that.

One of the keys in the art of seduction is to be interesting, captivating, attracted, to pretend that you do not suspect anything, that small gesture of innocence and tenderness fascinates them and makes the conquest more striking.

Also remember that you must be very aware of all their attitudes and behavior when they are with you and when they are with other people.

In short, take special care of his gestures, his movements, his aroma, the clothes he wears, his style, his bearing, all the combination of these characteristics say a lot about this boy in relation to you, if he feels attracted you can perceive it you’ll notice if you show some malice

When a person arouses interest in another, all their s**x appeal changes, it is altered, the production of oxytocin and serotonin or love hormones triggers their involuntary but noticeable changes for everyone else.

Be careful if the same thing happens to you, you may not perceive the changes that can also happen to you and everyone else around you already noticed it except you two, it is called THE MAGIC OF LOVE.