5 signs of what a serious relationship is and that it has a future

Almost all relationships, after the “everything is perfect” stage, go through a trial period.

This period is marked by the insecurity that begins to emerge between both people, questioning whether at this point they feel the same for each other or if something changed in the time they have been in a relationship.

This can be exciting, but it can also be stormy. It all depends on the couple. You are, somehow, rediscovering your partner, learning more about that special person, falling in love again or raising your guard in some points that cause you more insecurity than others.

You may start to wonder if it is still correct to use the titles of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, you start to wonder who of the two will close their online dating account, and when they will start to take some habits that make this a relationship; like holding hands or using nicknames in public.

However, there are certain points that can assure you of the seriousness of the matter. Even though things may seem a bit blurry for now, you should make sure to talk to your partner about a more exclusive relationship, moving in together, or if there are any thoughts about a future marriage.

Of course, if a formal discussion does not seem like the best way to find out what is bothering you, there are slight and subtle signs that you can look for to know if all this is on the right track and is something serious.

The worst thing you can do is panic and start claiming things that you are not really sure about. It is preferable to remain calm and go step by step, do not pressure yourself or your partner. This could lead to major conflicts.


1.- Public displays of affection

Don’t underestimate displays of affection in public. This goes beyond a pinch on the butt while in a public place.

The relationship begins to be serious as soon as the displays of affection that you make between you are in front of a significant person. Be it your parents or colleagues from work or study. You don’t have to feel sorry for it.

It is when you are not worried about mentioning each other on social networks by clarifying that you are a couple and adding photos of you on your Instagram or Facebook.

But if they are one of those who do not use social networks much, this signal can be recognized when introducing themselves with someone, they use the term “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”, letting their relationship become the center of attention.

Obviously holding hands or kissing in public also counts as an obvious display of affection that you shouldn’t overlook.


2.- That they don’t care about anything

You can realize that the relationship is serious when that person travels the miles that are necessary to see you and make you happy. Part of that shows that he cares about you but also that he wants to see you and spend time with you.

This does not mean that he has to buy you things, but that he knows what you want or what you like. Usually when you care about each other, you have a few gestures between you. You take care of that person as if it were you.

Bringing food or just buying both movie tickets is a clear gesture that you are concerned that you both have what you need and that you are assured that you will be together. Simply asking how his day was is a way of showing support and that you care about what happens to him.


3.- Trust

One of the most important signals is reflected when your partner tells you that he loves you and that you are the only person in his life. At such times, you shouldn’t hear the little voice at the back of your head asking, “Really?”

Nor should you turn to see your partner out of the corner of your eye hoping that he does not see anyone else or is texting with one of his exes.

You must have confidence; trusting that you are not talking to any unfamiliar “friends”, or worrying when you leave one day at night.

If the relationship is true, you don’t need to check her phone, delete messages, or tell a lie. A strong relationship is created by being honest on both sides.


4.- Part of your world

It is important to have a shared world with your partner. It is an intimate place where you keep your private jokes or some references that only you understand.

It is also important that you spend time separately, following your own interests but not forgetting that this is a serious relationship. Even so, the importance of spending time together is not minor. That time is what guarantees the strength of the relationship and thus you make your partner part of your world.

This also includes your partner’s parents, friends. Invite your partner to a family meal or to go out with your friends where they can exchange interests and hobbies.

All these points lead to include the relationship in your daily life and this is a clear point of the seriousness of the matter.

5.- Being with your partner is being at home

Maya Angelou once explained: “I have realized that others will forget what you told them, they may also forget what you did. What they will never forget is how you made them feel. This saying is true in relationships as well.

Feelings are what connect them and that is why being with that person is like being at home. You feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

When you feel safe when sleeping, knowing that that person is on the side. You could say that you don’t want to be with anyone else and if you are together everything is better.

If your partner represents for you, your world and your home, you can be sure that it is a serious relationship.

We can say that for a relationship to be serious in an obvious way, you should not feel ashamed in any way when your partner is around. There is nothing wrong with a kiss or a caress. Don’t be afraid to tell the closest people in your life.

An honest relationship is a serious relationship. Finally, remember that your actions define what you think. Treat others the way you want them to treat you. And if the relationship you are leading at the moment is going to something really serious, you will know it immediately.