5 signs that reveal that your partner wants to leave you !!

That’s it you have finally found the right one! After years of searching for the perfect man, you’ve finally found him and you’re not ready to let go.

As for him, does he feel the same as you? Is this relationship serious in his eyes? Before launching yourself fully into this relationship, it is important to make sure that you and your new partner are in perfect harmony. In this article we suggest you discover the 5 signs that reveal that your partner is not in love with you and that he will leave you without delay.

1. He never talks about his feelings

It is true, that generally men are much more discreet about their feelings. On the other hand, if the latter has never tried to tell you that he loves you or even to tell you about his romantic feelings then it is possible that the latter wishes to avoid the conversation because he is probably not in love.

2. He’s not looking at you!

Even if you are very in love this does not prevent you from admitting the charm of another person however this does not mean that you are going to put your eye on everything that moves and that passes. If your partner always has his eyes on the other girls than you then this is a proof of disrespect as well as disinterest in your regard.

3. The future he talks about but you are not in this project

He often talks about coming but you never hear your name in conversation. Whether it is his dreams, his desire to travel, work etc. You are not present in his future and apparently he does not want you to be there. This means that soon he will probably want to leave you.

4. Don’t touch your cell phone

He always takes his cell phone with him and never leaves it within your reach. He even put codes and passwords so you can’t access them. This is obviously a sign that he has something to hide!

5. You are completely transparent

May you be sad and happy he will never ask you the reason why you are in this state. He doesn’t care about you and it’s only him and his life that interests him. In reality he is a man who will have to make you run away and who really does not want a serious relationship! So before he leaves you .. take the lead