5 signs that you are in a toxic relationship (and how to get out of it)

Whether in love or friendship, at work or in our family, toxic relationships torment us and drain our energy. Living alongside a toxic person is extremely tiring psychologically. How to detect a toxic person before it is too late?

Being in a toxic relationship is never pleasant, we are constantly under pressure. We also experience feelings of guilt, anxiety and frustration. 

Generally, it is only after a certain time spent together that the toxic person reveals his unhealthy character. Arrived at this stage, it is often difficult to react. We are trapped because it is too late. We may not even be aware that our relationship is bad for us, and we may think that what we are experiencing is normal and that it is happening in all normal relationships. So, how do we know if we are in a toxic relationship?

First of all, what is a healthy relationship?

It is important, to recognize the disease, to know what is health.

In a healthy relationship, you feel safe. You are appreciated for what you really are. You feel free to share your thoughts and emotions. There is mutual trust, support, and good communication.

Here are five signs that will help you unmask a toxic person.

1. Whatever you do, it’s never enough, it’s never good enough

A toxic person constantly belittles you, devalues ​​you or makes fun of you. Criticism of you is a plethora.

The only way to get along with a toxic person is to agree with it, even if it is to condemn yourself.

2. Everything revolves around her

It’s as if the conversation with a toxic person is one way. Everything revolves around her, and she has nothing to do with your opinions and your feelings. She does not listen to you and always brings the subject back to her person. On the other hand, she tries to have the last word, whatever the cost.

Unscrupulous, a toxic person feels no regret or remorse for the harm it can inflict on you. Only at your own expense do you import your own well-being and your own needs.

3. She wants you to feel unhappy as she feels unhappy herself

Through his criticism of you, a toxic person wants you to feel less than nothing. She will never admit it to you, but a toxic person has only a poor opinion of herself. The only way she has found to relieve herself of her deep misfortune is to make you feel the same way.

4. You are not yourself

A toxic person does not accept you as you are, and you have to wear a mask and not show yourself in your true face, so there is a moment when you do not recognize yourself more yourself. You realize that you are no longer your authentic self.

5.  does not let you improve

When you seek to become better and thrive, a toxic person makes fun of you or is incredulous, trying to persuade you that you will never change. A toxic person feels threatened. Threatened that you would succeed better than she in life and become better than herself. It then spreads its negativity to discourage you and stifle your desire for change.

What does your inner voice breathe?

Often, to know if one is in a toxic relationship, it is enough to listen to his interior voice, to be guided by his intuition …