5 signs that your partner wants to cheat on you with your best friend

At a time when temptations are in order, monogamy can be a real challenge. Yet violating this norm can threaten the stability of a relationship and may even lead to an irrevocable break. Thus, many of us subscribe to meet a basic need to love and be loved. However, many people think that to ignore the pull factor is to refuse to take into account the intrinsic notion of desire. Others, on the other hand, think that we should all be able to control our instinctive urges. Rightly or wrongly, infidelity is a blow to the deceived person. So, to avoid this shock, here are 5 signs you should pay attention to

The attraction is actually an emotion like any other. We must, therefore, accept the attraction to others as something natural and beneficial. This will allow you to react positively to this and may even help you get closer to your partner. Thus, since we consider attraction as an emotion, it would be useful to understand it a little more and to master it in order to better control it.

Attraction: natural emotion or unhealthy drive?

If you feel anxious, guilty or embarrassed at being attracted to other people than your partner, know that it is time to stop your consciousness from continuing to freeze under the weight of your shame. Indeed, being attracted to other people is not a crime and you should not be punished for thoughts that are quite natural. However, do not mix up desire and unfaithfulness. The first is an instinctive desire when the second is a conscious decision and generally thought to deceive his partner.

How to resist temptation?

It is often said that the will is the key to success. The famous marshmallow experience is proof of this. Led in the late ’60s and early’ 70s by psychologist Walter Mischel, then a professor at Stanford University, this study gave kids the choice to eat a marshmallow right away, or wait 15 minutes and to have two. Some have swallowed marshmallows as soon as they have been placed in front of them, but most have done their best to resist the temptation to be able to have more.

It actually proves that self-control is learning to overcome emotions. It is not a question of repressing them, but rather of being aware of them in order to better tame them. Indeed, it takes a lot of energy and effort to combat our emotional impulses through rational cognitive thinking. However, the suppression of emotions can be particularly stressful and have adverse consequences on the physical and psychological.

Thus, instead of “demonizing” emotion, it is better to consider some emotional responses as weapons that we can use to fight temptation. As a result, by emphasizing social emotions such as gratitude, love, and compassion, we can significantly improve our self – control and thus facilitate delayed gratification.

5 signs that your husband is attracted to your friend

1) He turns into a superhero in her presence

This may be his way of showing him the full extent of his gallantry. He shows her how she would be lucky to be with him.

2) He suggests inviting her during your outings to two

Whether for trips, dinners in the restaurant or nature excursions, if your darling constantly insists that she join you, it could mean that he is bored when he is alone in your company.

3) He adds her on all his social networks

If your lover is following your girlfriend on all of her social networks, commenting and enjoying everything she posts, you should be asking yourself questions about this somewhat exaggerated interest.

4) He flirts openly

If your partner spends his time complimenting your friend in front of you without even bothering to hide it, it means that he does not care anymore about your sensitivity.

5) He is jealous when other men approach her

This is clearly a sign that your darling has a crush on your friend!