5 signs that your romantic relationship is going badly

Not all romantic relationships can end in marriage and a happy life. There are plenty of reasons why your romantic relationship cannot work: You are not compatible and are too different, you are in love with someone else, etc …

When you come to the end of a relationship, you have to know how to break up and move on. There’s no point in pretending and trying to hang on for too long.

But how do you know if your relationship is really over? How to know if you don’t have any more good times to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend and that you should therefore break up. Here are some tips to help you.

You no longer have feelings for your boyfriend

You are probably no longer madly in love as on the first day, that’s normal. But are you just still in love? A good test to find out is to ask yourself the following question: Would I be sad if I could never see my boyfriend again? If the answer is no, you are no longer in love. It is therefore time to turn the page.

You start to lie

Do you force yourself to tell your boyfriend that you love him just because he tells you? Are you lying about your schedule to see less of yourself? Are you hiding more and more things from your boyfriend? If the answers are “yes”, my advice is also “yes, we must break up ”.

You watch other guys/girls with interest

Have you noticed that lately, you are starting to look at other guys and girls differently? Do you dress up to catch the glances of other guys on the street? Are you hiding that you have a boyfriend when a guy starts hitting on you at a party?
It seems that you miss the single life or that you want to change your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do it! There is no point in doing otherwise.

You argue frequently

If your number of arguments increases between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, something is wrong. If you can’t reduce the frequency of your arguments, there is only one solution: leave your sweetheart. Finally, is he really still a “darling”?
You can’t just argue and disagree all the time.

Looking for excuses not to see yourself

If it comes to this, it’s time to take a break from your relationship and possibly more, if that doesn’t work out.
If you start to find excuses to postpone or shorten your dates, take a break.
This is how to get her man back.
Are you in one of these positions? Have you ever experienced this? Share your ideas and love experience in the comments.