5 signs your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore (even if it hurts)

Do you have that horrible feeling that your boyfriend’s love is fading and you don’t even want to think about it?

Is there a small but insistent voice inside of you that is telling you all the time that it does not love you like before?

Do you feel that he has stopped looking at you all the time with infinite love and admiration?

If you admit that things are definitely not what they used to be, at least you have some good news left: you are no longer in the denial stage.

Now it is time for you to be brutally honest with yourself and to face reality. It’s going to be very difficult, sure, but the light at the end of the tunnel of despair is this:

If your boyfriend loved you once, he may love you again. Keep that in mind as I show you the most reliable signs that you could be losing your boyfriend’s love because I’m also going to show you how to reverse that horrible situation.

5 signs your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore

You can’t keep ignoring those little signs that your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore.

1. “You don’t know” or “you are not sure”

If your boyfriend has told you directly that he no longer knows how he feels about you and is no longer so sure whether he loves you or not, or that “he loves you but he no longer feels in love with you”, or that he loves you But he’s not sure you’re the right person for him, it clearly implies that his feelings have changed.

These are all pretty pathetic attempts to express to yourself that he no longer feels in love with you, without having to face all that “girly” drama that guys are scared of.

One of my ex-boyfriends, with whom I felt totally and deeply in love, told me that he still loved me but that he no longer wanted to live with me. In other words, I wanted us to live apart, but without ceasing to be a couple.

Obviously, this was with intentions of breaking up, although she didn’t want to be in the drama of moving in the middle of a breakup.

So I didn’t know how to handle him and I was with him for a full month after he left our apartment and finally announced that it was all over.

Every day I waited for him to change his mind and come back until it was clear that he only wanted to cushion the blow for both of us because he no longer loved me the way he used to.

2. Try to change the roles

If your boyfriend acts distant, ignores you, doesn’t communicate, and avoids you while at the same time accusing you of doing all of that, he’s sending you a pretty clear signal that he wants to break up.

This is because you feel too much guilt that you are no longer in love. And the easiest way to alleviate that guilt is to convince yourself that you are the one who no longer loves him.

Does it make any sense to you?

How relieved would you feel if you stopped loving a guy but at the same time knew that he feels the same way, so there is no risk that he will leave heartbroken?

Well, this is what is happening in your mind. Consciously or not so consciously.

Another related sign is that of analyzing the relationship situation obsessively. If your boyfriend asks you very often if “the relationship is going well”, in one way or another, it is actually because for him it may not be well anymore.

3. Change your priorities

It’s a red flag if your boyfriend does any of these things:

a) Gradually or suddenly he begins to ignore your texts and calls (and makes stupid excuses about it).

b) He prefers to spend time with his friends or family than with you.

c) It shows you that you are no longer on their priority list.

d) Spend a lot of time with a friend.

These are all signs that you have lost interest in the relationship and are trying to provoke or precipitate a breakup.

My ex-boyfriend not only found stupid excuses to avoid seeing me or answering my messages and calls, but he also made sure that I knew I was lying.

For example, he would tell me that he was too busy at work, but then post a photo of him drinking beer with friends right then and there on social media.

4. You stop being in their life plan

Couples who are in love make plans together all the time. From small plans like “going for a walk tomorrow” to big plans like moving together one day, or having two children.

If your boyfriend suddenly stops making plans with you or stops talking about the future that awaits you, it is a bad sign.

My ex-boyfriend made it even clearer than that. He told me that in the future he intended to move to another country, but he never mentioned anything about us going together. It was clear that in his future there was no place for me.

5. Suddenly, it turns out that he has secrets

If your boyfriend suddenly begins to hide things from you, it is a sure sign that he no longer loves you the way he used to.

If he suddenly has great inconvenience in seeing his phone, his messages, or his files, or does not want to tell you where he is going, or where he is or with whom, the red light is on.

In the best of scenarios, he no longer feels about you the same as before and is not interested in including you much in his privacy. At worst, you are no longer his only, and probably not his most important romantic relationship.

Suddenly my ex-boyfriend started carrying the phone with him everywhere. He would not leave him alone for a second so that I could not see who he received messages and calls from. Instead of telling me that she was seeing someone else, she told me it was a “privacy” issue.

We broke up shortly after that and I found out that he had already started dating someone else while he was still with me.