5 signs your relationship is doomed

You want your relationship to work and it’s normal! You love him, you have a good time together and you have the impression that this person is possibly your soul mate. Obviously, I wish you all the happiness in the world! But, in all honesty, there are clear signs as to the wall that this relationship may soon face. Here are a few clues that might suggest that this relationship is doomed to failure

1. The lack of discussions

At the start of a relationship, it is normal that we miss a little conversation since nervousness can prevent us from externalizing ourselves freely. On the other hand, over time, the conversations must be enriched just as much as the relationship. Intellectual connection is extremely important for the success of a relationship. Obviously, it is quite possible that you do not have 100% of the same interests in discussions, but if you find enriching discussion topics for both as for the other, your couple is on the right track!

Suggestion: Watch a series or a documentary together and discuss the subject!

2. The abundance of reproaches

Judgment and reproach are very harmful behaviors for your relationship. No one is perfect and everyone has faults. If a defect or an attitude annoys you at the start of the relationship, know that it will be ten times worse after a few years of living together. And you know what? You won’t be able to change it or change it because that’s how you got to know it! This is often the question that kills my office when one criticizes the other for any behavior: “Was this trait present from the start of the relationship”? If yes, then you accepted it from the start. Why want to change it or change it? 

Suggestion: Cease the reproaches, accept the other or leave. 

3. Lack of signs of affection

Touching, kissing, hugging are signs that your couple is healthy. Even if you laugh a lot together, have a good time doing activities and like to cook, if the signs of affection are not present, there is nothing that sets you apart from a friendly relationship. Take your hand, look yourself in the eye, seduce yourself! 

Suggestion: Despite your busy schedule, take fifteen minutes a day to demonstrate your affection! 

4. Unresolved conflicts

Disagreements are systematic in a relationship. You are two full-fledged people and unless there is a complete (and dysfunctional!) Merger you will not be in complete agreement on everything. On the other hand, if you let these conflicts and disagreements hover without putting the necessary efforts to resolve them, your relationship will be doomed to failure, because this attitude will only increase the tension.  

Suggestion: Make a list of all the irritants \ conflicts that have been hovering for too long and take steps to resolve them for good. 

5. The relationship is one way

If you feel that you are the only person who has invested yourself and put the necessary efforts into making the couple work, it is possible that you are living a one-way relationship. If trip planning, discussion topics, future plans and expressions of affection were never present without your involvement, it is because the relationship is not fair and that it is dedicated to failure due to shortness of breath.

Suggestion: Impose your limits and claim your needs, because sooner or later your generosity will tire you.

Before taking the drastic measures and ending the relationship, do not hesitate to meet with a s**x therapist in order to clarify the difficulties and thus receive the tools necessary to optimize your relationship!