5 Signs You’re Chasing Him

Doing too much too fast can put you at serious emotional risk.

If you don’t know who’s chasing who, check out these signs to find out.

5 Signs You’re Chasing Him.

Very well, if the man in your life is delivering any of these signs, then he’s the one chasing you.

Have you ever heard that men love this conquest thing and that it has to do with chasing women? Well, this is in a way true.

Practicing patience has many benefits in a new relationship.

When a man finds a secure woman who is not needy and desperate for his attention and his time, it puts pressure on him to speed things up, and he ends up running after you.

Even if you don’t think you’re being nice, texting or surprising him at work to give him a happy birthday, to congratulate him on his birthday, you could be damaging the relationship and opening the door to getting hurt.

Take a step back.

Doing too much too fast can put you at emotional risk.

If you’re the one chasing him, there’s a good chance you’re trying to make up for something that’s missing that no man can give.

Do some self-assessment to find out what exactly you are looking for.

Not sure who’s chasing who? Check these signs to find out.

1. You Always Initiate Contact.

Has he ever picked up his cell phone to ask how your day was or invite you to dinner?

The number of times he initiates contact with you per day or per week shouldn’t be much less than your attempts.

Remember, the phone works both ways, so there’s no excuse for him not to take a moment in his day to check on you during the week and make plans.

Show that you are not a doormat and a woman that he can have whenever he wants because “you always have time for him”.

Set some boundaries, put your phone away, and let him do the heavy lifting to keep the flirting or relationship going.

2. You Immediately Respond To His Messages.

Girl, are you the fastest woman in the world to reply to a text from a man?

No matter what you’re doing, the second the message arrives you’re already working on the reply… then you reply and he sends another message an hour later?

If this pattern of behavior is routine, not only are you probably chasing it, but it could also be using manipulation to keep you interested.

This is no good.

Try practicing the habit of not replying to anyone’s messages the moment you receive them.

Wait one moment.

Finish any other tasks you are doing before answering him.

Go out with your friends and find something to do other than wait for his text messages.

3. He Always Raises His Shield To Protect Himself.

He never lets you get too close.

In fact, around it, there are several signs saying “do not enter”.

This is an indicator of a person who is not completely open to the idea of ​​letting you in.

Use wisdom and try to observe your and his investment levels.

Think of a relationship like a bank account.

If you have a lot invested, that means you have more to lose, while the person who is contributing the least may be gone with little to no impact.

4. You Talk About Wanting To Meet His Family.

Are you always inquiring about his family and is he always dodging that subject?

Pulling personal information from him is a definite sign that you’ve become the chasing side.

Careful, you shouldn’t want to get close to someone like that.

Hold back from trying to form a bond or closeness with him until that person shows some vulnerability.

This doesn’t mean throwing in the towel on the relationship, but give him space to chase after you.

5. You Feel Exhausted.

You are doing too much and getting nothing in return.

This feeling is a clear sign that you are chasing.

Take a step back and take the time to determine if it’s really worth it.

Focus your mind on something other than him and start making yourself a priority.

Running after someone to the point of running out of the ground means that you have forgotten your values.