5 steps to find true love

In love, there are no specific rules. Each relationship is unique and each couple lives their own as they see fit. However, we cannot deny the existence of several commonalities. By the way, if we look a little closer, we will notice that all relationships – or almost – go through 5 stages of love and that most of those which fail, do it because the partners do not arrive not to exceed the 3 rd . So let’s discover what these stages are, as well as the particularity of the 3 rd .

A successful and stable couple relationship is based on several pillars, including mutual love and respect. However, for it to be sustainable, the two partners must be ready to make efforts and not give up, at the first obstacle encountered. Besides, you should know that lasting love does not pass several stages, including one particularly difficult, and which sometimes determines the very fate of the relationship.

Let’s discover the different stages of building a lasting love, and the reason why we must do everything to go beyond the 3rd!

The 5 main stages of love:

Step 1: Fall in love

You saw each other, you talked to each other and you felt that something special attracted you to each other. You lose words, you can no longer tame the beating of your heart in his presence … Congratulations! You are in love! You are therefore dazzled by your emotions, you believe in each word and word proliferated by your partner and you only see the qualities of this one. You consider him/her to be perfect and you dream of the life full of happiness and romance that you will share.

Step 2: Getting together

Now that things are official between you, you are fully experiencing your “honeymoon”. Your love is at its peak and your libido is at the top! You see each other often and each of you does your best to make the other happy and fill him with little attentions. Besides, you feel so close to each other, that neither of you sees his life without the other near him. So you decide to take the plunge and move together!

Step 3: Disillusionment

Now that you are under the same roof and the relationship deepens, each of you will reveal your true personality and the character traits that you did not particularly want the other to see. In addition, by being constantly together, your emotions stabilize and you miss the feeling of anticipation and butterflies in your belly that assailed you at the idea of ​​seeing him/her. You start to get bored and you feel like the love that bound you is no longer. Conclusion: it may no longer be worth continuing in a cold relationship that no longer satisfies you!

Step 4: Creating a real, deep and lasting love

If you stop at the previous step, you can never build the strong and lasting relationship you’ve always dreamed of. However, if you still decide to make the effort to fix things and rekindle the spark of love that was burning in you when you met your partner, you will be surprised at the transformation that will take place. operate within your relationship. In fact, by renouncing unrealizable expectations and by accepting (acceptable) faults from your partner, you will find your serenity and the happiness you felt by being by your side.

Step 5: Be together to change the world

You have finally arrived at the final stage, but not at the end of your romantic relationship. You have successfully created strong and solid bonds that bind you closely to each other. You have also been able to establish a deep, sincere and lasting relationship of love that will overcome the small inconveniences and worries of daily life. You no longer feel alone in the ordeal of life, because you have a partner you can count on and who will be there to support and support you whenever you need it. You are two united forces that can stand up to anything that might separate or weaken them.