5 things married couples should do in the first year

Marriage may be a key moment in your life, the months before this event left you little time to enjoy your lover, and vice versa. But all is well, you have your whole life to catch up, starting with the first year.

That’s it, you walked past the altar to proceed to the exchange of alliances and the famous “yes, I want it”, so you are husband and wife. There are now a few imperatives to fill so that your first year of marriage is up to your expectations and avoid as much as possible a post-wedding blues. In fact, this sudden calm in your schedule could well give you the drone if you are not careful. But rest assured, you actually still have a lot of work to do.

1- Organize your routine

The time and energy spent to draw up and send the guest list, select the bridesmaids and witnesses, the caterer, the photographer, manage the music, buy your dress, the wedding rings … You finally had very little of time to devote to your couple. From now on, you will be able to occupy your free time in a love routine. And why not take the opportunity to embark on a new project or a romantic activity: decoration, sport, travel, board games, cooking … you are spoiled for choice!

2- Change your name

This first year of common life as Mister and Mrs. So-and-so also means (at least for those who have decided not to keep their maiden name) to modify their official documents (passport, identity card, vital card, card blue, postal address, etc.). And also practice your new signature.

3- Make mutual funds

In order to start your marriage as peacefully as possible and avoid the financial disputes that affect many couples, it is advisable to discuss couple expenses fairly quickly, depending on your fixed costs and your possible projects. Basically, establish a budget so you know what to expect. And why not open a joint account in order to merge part of your finances into it?

4- Plan a trip

Surely you have just returned from honeymoon. But precisely, rather than brooding over thinking that your dream vacation is already behind you, plan your next trip . And even if it is in a year, this project will put you in the heart. Besides, in a year, you will be celebrating your cotton wedding, and it is celebrated, right? This will also allow you to know which destination makes you both dream, because you are no longer alone in deciding from now on.

5- Spend time with your friends

It’s not just your other half that you’ve seen little about lately: your friends have also been somewhat neglected. And why not make up for lost time by organizing a small dinner with them?