5 things that can change during the first year of your marriage

You will soon say yes and wonder how your married life will go? Rest assured, marriage does not change that much but it allows your relationship to evolve slightly.

You have not yet celebrated your cotton wedding and yet you are still on a small cloud. After the organization of your wedding and your honeymoon vacation, you find your daily life with your husband.

But has anything really changed since you wore your wedding ring? In the end, your relationship will not be upset and so much the better. However, some small developments can take place, as time goes by. Rest assured, this is completely normal.

Above all, do not forget that each couple and each romantic relationship can be completely different, depending on the characters, personalities, and habits of each. So avoid comparing yourself to your couples of friends, it is useless.

And if something changes in you and not in others, it is not necessarily a bad sign since everyone evolves at their own pace.

What can change: the excitement of the beginning

Admittedly, it is not because one gets married that one inevitably gets bogged down in the routine. In addition, if you have been together for a long time, you are bound to know the daily life together. However, with the announcement of the wedding, the preparations and all the love that goes around this event, you have again felt the excitement of the beginning. A few months or even a few weeks later, you can see that it is gradually decreasing. Well, it’s a good thing.

When a romantic relationship progresses, the brain produces less and fewer hormones that make you fall in love with your partner, as Melody Li, therapist specializing in marriage and family, explains at the Hello Giggles site. Do you feel that your chemistry is no longer felt? Are you moving away? Not at all, it’s just another step in your relationship. You have to learn to deal with and, rightly, make small daily efforts to make the flame last.

What doesn’t change: your arguments

No, marriage is not going to transform your romantic relationship. And yes, all couples go through more or less complicated periods and argue from time to time. It is not because you have a ring on your finger that you will no longer be annoyed by his (bad) sense of storage or that you will not irritate your partner because you do not want to do the dishes. However, it is not because certain disputes arise that your relationship is going wrong. These should only concern trivialities and not important things, which can upset your daily life.

“Many couples marry in the hope that marriage will solve all their problems,” says therapist Victoria Raymond. “In a couple, there can be difficult conversations, like talking about money, physical intercourse or family,” she adds. The best thing to do is to address your questions beforehand and build your relationship with a healthy and respectful basis.

What can change: the holidays

Since you said “yes”, you have new in-laws. Well, imagine you will have to do with it. If your husband gets along well with his parents and you get along well with yours, you will have to cut your time in half. Concretely, if you want to spend all the summer holidays in your parents’ house by the sea, know that at Christmas, you will have to dine with your parents-in-law.

Of course, nothing is compulsory, but for everything to go well, you will both have to compromise and try to see the two families as much as possible. And then, if everyone gets on well, why not plan a vacation together? Obviously, this can happen for families, but also for groups of friends, if you don’t have the same ones.

What will not change: complicity

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’re not going to have fun anymore! Your bond with your husband will remain intact, or even improve over the years. You will always laugh as much, you will tease and have fun together and all this on a daily basis. Isn’t that great?

What can change: your life together

Most couples live together before they get married. But if this is not the case, you will have to discuss certain things to improve your daily life and above all, learn to live with the habits of the other. You will have to establish a budget, a distribution of household tasks and all the logistics that make a life together.

So, ready to say yes if you haven’t already?