5 things that happen when you meet someone great after a toxic relationship

When we break up with an abusive partner, we often find ourselves in a difficult position. Our wounds are still bleeding and we have a biased and negative idea of ​​love now. We will be building ramparts around us, and when we meet someone really nice, it can become quite a strange experience, as we are not used to it.

If you do experience it, here is what you should feel and experience:

1. You are grateful that you have met this person, but you still live in fear that they may not really be who they appear to be.

You are always wary because you think that their qualities are just a facade that can be broken at any time and that person is likely to break up with you at any time. Don’t worry, a great person doesn’t leave overnight.

2. You are happy that he is always with you but you often find yourself wondering why. Every time he looks at someone else, you start to suspect something even when you know your suspicions are completely unfounded.

You overanalyze all of your conversations and are constantly on the lookout for any mistakes on their part. But you have to relax, this person is sincere and not trying to cheat on you.

3. This person will do their best to show you how much they love you and you will see what a truly healthy relationship between two people looks like. She will not act differently in the presence of other people. She is always proud of you and will do her best to express her emotions.

4. It will be a learning experience for you as you begin to discover what true love really is. You will begin to see your previous relationship for what it really was, an abusive relationship.

You learn to understand when someone is genuine and sincere because your partner is always sincere.

5. You feel lucky that you broke up with your ex because you met this amazing person.

When you think back to all the times you hoped your ex would get better, you realize that you always knew deep down that it would never work out between you.