5 things to do to start a romantic relationship

That’s it, you start a romantic relationship, congratulations! But you intend to make things last between you, and for that, you want to do things well. And this is completely normal! Here are some tips for you, 5 things to do to start a romantic relationship:

1 / Do not idealize your partner

See him/her for the one he/she really is. Does he/she seem perfect to you? Great! But know that it is wrong, he/she is not! Your darling has his faults like everyone else! And, if it is completely normal that you do not realize it at first, be careful… Because the more you hoist him/her on a pedestal, the harder will be the return to reality!

2 / Be willing to learn from others

Any tip? See your partner as a mirror, and learn from it in order to constantly seek to improve yourself … While remaining yourself! Learn to evolve. During a conflict, a disagreement, rather than blaming your darling, look rather at your behavior, your attitude; know how to question yourself! Work on yourself thanks to your partner, in order to work at best for the smooth running of your relationship!

3 / Learn to spend time alone

One of the first phases of a couple is the fusional phase. But it is essential that each lets the other breathe! Love should never be there to fill a feeling of loneliness; so learn to spend time alone with yourself. Because if you don’t support yourself, how do you want your partner to do it? To make you feel whole and happy in your relationship, reconcile with yourself!

4 / Show your affection

Regularly! And unexpectedly in small moments of everyday life! Don’t wait for your partner to ask you if you like him, show him! Be spontaneous (without being intrusive!). In the same way, encourage your sweetheart regularly! Show him that you care about him and that you believe in him/her. It is important to feel the support of the other in a relationship.

5 / Trust the other

Trust is the cement of the couple! Does he/she not deserve your trust? So run away! Attention, it is completely normal to have moments of doubts, of jealousy, but if these moments prove too frequent, and/or that your partner gives you all the reasons to doubt him/her… Then is that your couple is already going into a spin! For your part, do everything possible to earn your partner’s trust, and to keep it every day.