5 things to know before getting back together with your ex

After a separation, it’s hard to tell yourself that you could one day return to your ex. And yet your whole being invites you to come back into their arms, because this story was too good and you will never be able to love someone like this person. You’ve asked for advice, you’ve listened to your friends, you’ve cried and procrastinated, but you feel ready to come back with it. Here are 5 tips that you might find useful before you take the plunge.

Everything will be as before

It’s true that together, you have built a great bond, a complicity, this little thing that made you a great couple. And that, you will inevitably find it, because you know each other by heart, and that is why you love each other. But we must also tell ourselves that everything will not be rosy every day. If it didn’t work the first time, it’s because there were tensions, details that annoyed you, headaches… They won’t fly away like that. Especially since now, you have the period of separation in mind, where he may have dated someone else, which will arouse jealousy, or some behavior that you had that hurt him. … And that he can blame you. Be careful that the soufflé does not come down too quickly!

You won’t be able to complain about it anymore

Certainly, you separated because you could not stand each other anymore, you dissected, analyzed, combed through her/his every message, her/his behavior, all the gossip about her/him with your friends, who supported you, were in your sense, have tried to console you, to understand, to belittle it to please you … Except that there, if you get over it, it is of your own free will. And even if your friends support you no matter what, you will still lose a little credibility, and you will no longer be able to complain about the slightest little thing wrong … It’s up to you!

You will need oars

As alluded to before, you’ve talked a lot about everything that was wrong with your ex to your friends and family. But… he certainly did exactly the same on his side! So when you go to disembark at the next family meal or at the next aperitif with friends, it can create a little uneasiness. Not always, but you still have to prepare for it.

You will have gone through an ordeal: separation

This is what all couples dread: separation. And this is normal. But the big advantage is that you’ve been there before. And it is even very likely that this separation made you stronger and more sure of your feelings. Tell yourself that it’s bad for good.

You know what to do to make it work this time

Being in a relationship is knowing how to be yourself while making compromises together. Now that you know what went wrong the first time around, you can try not to find yourself in the same situation this time around. As long as it works both ways, of course …