5 tips to find love without going through dating sites

Want to make love encounters without going through dedicated sites and apps? Rest assured, it’s still possible. Here are 5 ideas for activities that may well turn into a romantic date.

With the advent of Tinder or Meetic dating sites and apps , it’s hard to pretend that if you’re single , it’s because you don’t have romantic encounters. Only here, some do not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​”their market” on dating sites. If you are one of those to whom arranged appointments do not say anything, here are 5 alternatives to build new links … and more if affinities.

1- Register for cooking lessons

Even if you already know great recipes , you have always thought that it would be beneficial to perfect your cordon bleu side. So why not invest in cooking lessons? Not only will you meet there, but you will also have the opportunity to show off your cooking skills at the beautiful stallion just behind you. A great introduction to getting to know each other.

2- Practice a collective sport

Drop your monthly subscription in this gym that costs you a blind but in which you never step. What if you signed up for a group sports class instead? Basketball, boxing , climbing, badminton … the choice is wide. Generally cheaper than gym clubs, they will also allow you to build relationships with your teammates and your opponents. At the heart of the action, you could sympathize well, before going for a drink at the nearest bistro after the session.

3- Join an association

Whatever the cause that you support, you will see that investing in an association will allow you to live enriching experiences and build relationships with people with whom you share and defend common values. And necessarily, it brings together. Far from the stress caused by your work or everyday worries, you will also be able to present yourself in the best possible light. How not to meet in this context?

– Take out your dog

If you have a dog and are lucky enough to live in a house with a garden, do not deprive your pet of a little tour in the park near you. While it will stretch its legs, it may well be that your companion leads you straight to your soul mate. Or at least towards a person whose charm does not leave you indifferent and who will also be taking out his dog. Besides, you will already have one significant point in common: a pronounced love for man’s best friend.

5- Traveling … alone

Do you have time off by the end of the year, but none of your loved ones can accompany you? What does it matter! Pack your bags and set sail solo for the destination of your dreams . Once there, don’t stay prostrate in your hotel room. Get out! In the restaurant, in a bar, on a café terrace, at the entrance to a museum … a magical encounter may be waiting for you from one moment to the next. And since you are traveling alone, you will be available to take full advantage of it. Who knows, maybe this meeting could even happen on the plane . And hopefully he or she will live in the same city as you.