5 Tips to Save on a Wedding

One of the biggest problems that we find when we want to prepare our wedding is to adjust the budget for it and that our wedding continues to be an unforgettable and unique event. For you to have a perfect wedding, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. That is why today I want to tell you in this post 5 good tips that I applied to organize my own wedding with a fairly tight budget.

1- Choose low season for the wedding

Stay away  from dates located in months like December, June and Easter; the dates in which they will be able to have an average saving are January, July and holidays. You will save a lot of money if you organize your wedding in months like February, May, August or September. On these dates there is a greater availability of places, the rooms are much cheaper and in general the prices are much lower on these dates. It is also advisable that you get married on Sunday and not on Saturday.

2- Guest List

It is clear that it is essential to shorten the guest list. On a budget for a normal wedding, the cost per guest can range from $ 40 to $ 80. Invite people who really want to share that magical moment with you. If you don’t have a big budget, your wedding shouldn’t have more than 70 guests .

3- Simple menu and quick preparation

The menus known as “four courses” are usually suicide on a tight budget . They are not really necessary and if you manage to offer a dish with a variety of meat with a sauce, adding a garnish such as a puree and a delicious sweet and sour salad, in good quantity you will have a successful and economical menu.
For dessert you can offer the same wedding cake, which can have a special variety of cream to make it sweeter and the portions should not be so large.
Another option is to skip the table service , and instead you can choose a buffet where only two people are required to serve the food to the guests: with the table service you will surely need two. people serving and two others bringing food to each table. 

4- Have options other than flowers for decoration

Although flowers are important they are not essential to have the dream wedding. Centerpieces are usually the most expensive part of a wedding decoration, since the arrangements that are usually presented are with seasonal or imported flowers, making the cost quite high.
Use elements such as candles, fruits, lace or vases with stones and you will have an original decoration and you will save a lot of money.

5-A place for everything

It is important to save transportation costs for you and your guests that the ceremony and celebration take place in the same place . If this is not possible, always look for a restaurant near the Church.

But if you definitely did not get them close, you can borrow the car from a friend or if you have a car, you can travel in it with your partner, asking the godfather to drive them from their home to the place of the ceremony and from there to the place of the celebration.