5 tips to surprise your lover

Sometimes romantic relationships can get relatively boring. Why? Routine fault, as usual! If you want to break this routine, it’s time to react and start doing unexpected things.

Being unpredictable is the best way to continue to fascinate your Jules. So how do you surprise your lover? Here are a few tips.<>

1. Prepare him a romantic dinner

One day of the week, when you have nothing very fun planned, do not hesitate to put yourself in the kitchen. Make sure to prepare the most romantic dinner possible and don’t forget any of the compulsory accessories: candles, background music, etc.

Your Jules may be quite surprised when he comes home from work! Make this moment unforgettable … and let your guy reward you for your efforts right after you clear …

2. Buy him tickets to go see a match / his favorite group / a play (strike out the unnecessary mention)

You must be like me when Jules wants to go to a match, you prefer that he takes his friends on an adventure. Because seeing guys run in shorts and fight over a ball…

But, just once, surprise him by accompanying him in an activity that you usually despise, but that he adores. You will see that he may not come back … and leave you alone with that in the weeks to come.

3. Welcome him at the door

Obviously, I am not talking to you about welcoming him with a big smile and then handing him his pair of Charentaises and his newspaper. The dog is there for that.

No, I’m talking more about putting on an attractive outfit, taking out something he likes, and waiting for him to come back from work (your Jules, not the dog). And from that moment, it’s up to you to take matters into your own hands. The rest no longer concerns me!

4. Organize a surprise party

Invite your guy’s best friends and keep them secret and discreet (which is the hard part). You can organize this event for its anniversary, but not only.

There is not necessarily a need for special occasions to surprise your lover! Make sure he has an amazing evening surrounded by the people he loves.

5. Get in tune with her fantasies

If you know what is the biggest fantasy of your Jules, why not try to realize it? Be careful, before you get into it, determine if you feel capable of it.

Don’t let him cover you with rillettes just to make him happy! But if you don’t dislike her fantasy either, why not surprise her with it? Be innovative, after all, it costs nothing to try.

It could even strengthen your bond!

With these 5 tips for surprising your lover, you have a few ways not to let the routine take hold. But don’t forget that fighting this routine is an everyday fight!

So don’t get used to it and try to be as unpredictable as possible. You will see that you will not regret it!

And you? What are your tips for surprising your lover?