How to make a romantic relationship last? What’s the secret of a lasting couple? Remember the time, at the beginning of your relationship, when her hands were always on you, when she was kissing you wildly when nothing seemed able to separate you. Today, his hands no longer caress the remote control of the television, but then how to overcome the routine, and have a couple that lasts?

Besides the fact that life is more stressful than ever nowadays and that romantic relationships are strained, several phases are distinguished in a couple, anticipating them can help to make your relationship last.

The two most predictable phases are the beginning of a relationship where everything is beautiful, everything is pink and purple, and then comes the so-called “routine” phase in which a certain routine has settled in the couple, after the outbursts of love. start.

The indifference that some may have in their relationship for their partner due to routine can be avoided. Some manage to keep a certain passion and romanticism in their relationship, and this forever.

This is not just luck or luck, and everyone has the right to have a lasting relationship. A couple, that talks, it’s a work to do on oneself, a regular questioning at all times, never forget that in love nothing is ever acquired, even when the couple goes through hours dark, one should never be discouraged and abandoned.

If you want to make a romantic relationship last, and keep the flame of the first days, here are some tips that will help you have a relationship that lasts.


The biggest difference between the start of your meeting and the following months when you live together is the drastic change in levels of responsibility. Money matters, household chores, and decision making are the main areas of conflict.

For example, you have never discussed who does what in the house, and when you see your partner sprawled out on the couch while you are hard at work, it ends up irritating you !.

The best way to get around this obstacle is to work on communication. In this example, it would be helpful to discuss the division of tasks and responsibilities before starting to live together.

Also, discuss money matters in advance – who is going to pay what, how much will be saved, etc. If one of the partners makes the necessary efforts to save money, and the other expense without counting, the relationship is heading straight for the wall!

When we stop communicating, resentment and frustration build up.


Unresolved issues lead to bitterness and resentment. At this point, we tend to start to open up less to him/her.

It’s the beginning of indifference to the other


Great careers and professional ambitions give you busy days, take all our energy and our “emotional” patience, although at the end of the day we don’t have much left …

This is when partners can “crack” in the evening, constantly feeling tired and irritable.

It is therefore important to play sports and eat well, in order to be able to keep in shape and be more available for your sweetheart, thus helping to make the relationship last.



Some say the biggest test of a relationship’s health is how well it survives when the new family member, the baby, comes in!

Newborns add stress to a couple, especially if the couple is already under pressure and struggling with marital problems. If you don’t want your relationship to break down because of the baby, make sure you have a strong couple before the baby is born, don’t think that the child is going to solve your relationship problems, quite the contrary!

Many think that the baby is the key to the solution to their relationship problem, it is obviously the reverse which happens and a couple which is not solid, and which goes through crisis will be more fragile in front of the arrival of the newborn.

Again, communication and honesty are the keys to having a lasting relationship. If your relationship is strong, then your baby will be an important element that will make your relationship last, and will strengthen it.


At a certain point in our relationship, we are sometimes sufficiently comfortable with each other and some allow themselves to “burp” or even “farts” in the presence of the other without embarrassment.

Sometimes, familiarity with the other also pushes us to no longer open the door and carry Madame’s shopping bags, as well as other little courtesies that have been forgotten over time. Even though we are now comfortable with each other, behaving in a courteous manner when circumstances call for it helps to make a romantic relationship last.


most bickering is a reflection of a bigger problem – he never puts his dirty socks back in the laundry manna? She always leaves the toothpaste tube open on the sink without putting it away? So many gestures that show that you don’t care enough about your partner and don’t make an effort for him (her).

There are repeated small quarrels that only increase your frustration!

Knowing how to speak in a constructive and positive manner about what bothers you is the best way to avoid quarrels that over time can hamper your relationship!


It is not always complicated to make your relationship last, with little attention towards the other, a little understanding, questioning, your relationship can last forever.

Honesty, trust, and generosity are the secret of a lasting couple.

Always be honest with your partner, otherwise, the trust will be forever betrayed. Also, know how to trust your spouse and thus limit your sickly jealousy for some. Finally, do not be selfish, but generous with the other.

And you, what are your solutions to make a romantic relationship last?