6 common signs you’re in an abusive relationship

Being in a relationship should make you feel good to be with your partner.

An abusive relationship can be the result of an evolution or upheaval that reveals a person’s true nature.

Here’s how to recognize the warning signs of an abusive relationship.

They scream for no reason

Everyone gets angry with their spouse from time to time. It happens. But if you find that your partner is yelling at you a lot and seemingly for no reason, yes, this is some type of abuse.

They insult you.

Name-calling is a type of abuse. No one should insult you, whether it’s “b**tch” or “a**shole” or something like that. This is a form of bullying which is totally unacceptable.

They try to plan for you.

Even if they don’t yell at you or insult you, when your partner starts planning for you, like where you go on vacation or who you can or can’t go out with, it is a type of abuse. Control is abuse.

In an abusive relationship: They control your money.

This type of control, as with your schedule, is abuse. If they are constantly concerned about your money or only give you a small amount of money to live on (eg if you are a housewife) this is also a type of abuse.

They manipulate and intimidate.

Often times, manipulation and bullying doesn’t require yelling, insulting, or controlling, but it uses your thoughts and emotions and turns them on you. They know your weaknesses and exploit them intelligently.

They hit you, s**xually abuse you, or mentally torture you.

Whatever you do, your partner shouldn’t hit you. If you say no to s**x and they force you, that’s also violence. Always. If they verbally assault you, that’s abuse. Ask for help if you are in this kind of situation.

One of the most important things: don’t be silent and be a silent victim, break the silence and say ‘NO!’ I don’t deserve to be abused. Once you have made your decision to come out of this abusive relationship don’t hold back because you deserve respect, happiness, and a decent, safe, and secure life.