6 easy steps to get out of the friend zone

Get out of the friend zone

Being stuck in a friend zone means when one develops romantic interests in the other while they are friends. This is really an unfortunate situation for the individual with intense romantic feelings where the other enjoys all the free time of having a good friend. The saddest part is that the other would never really know about these romantic feelings and despises them with their current relationship status of just being friends. If you ended up being friends with the wrong girl, then it’s time you moved out of your friend zone and fell in love with her. There is no need to worry about getting stuck in the friend zone. You can easily get out of the friend zone. If you’re trying to get out of the friend zone, so stop what you were doing, I guess you’ve already ended up in the wrong place. Never lose the girl or be happy with what you have with her in the current relationship, because that is not what you want from her. For who knows, you could actually befriend the person you should probably end up in love with. Therefore, never risk losing the one who could be the love of your life. So here are some easy steps that can get you out of the friend zone and into her partner quickly.

1. Never be too available

When you are in love with your girl, it is quite normal to be available to her at all times. But, the fact is, never do that, make him miss you. Let him realize what his life would be like without you. I know it will be difficult for you, but it is important to make him miss you to get out of the friend zone. Be there to help her, help her when she needs it, but never hold on or need her, you may never really value it. If you are ready to have a relationship with your girl, then you need to be more confident. Give him some space, give him time to think about you. Hanging out with her at all times, texting her a lot, doing her favors, and making her happy in everything you do could make you a good friend. But she can never see you as boyfriend material unless she craves you. Therefore, make sure she craves your attention. To get out of the friend zone quickly, you need to make him understand your worth.

2. Respect and prioritize it

When trying to get out of the friend zone, it was very important to make your girl feel respected. A woman needs her man to respect her for who she is. Always make it your priority and give it the importance it deserves. Make her feel heard and make her feel special. Call her, text her, or visit her when she really needs you. Make sure she understands that she is more than a friend to you. Value their needs, yet never overdo it. Going overboard with any of these things can make you look clingy, and you can be seen as a weirdo. Make her your priority, the most important thing is to make her understand that your girl is your priority. Your dear girl should know that she is the first person that comes to your mind. When you respect and prioritize it, she can understand the true intentions of your behavior. Give it time; she will definitely get there. Because women grab very fast as they have great instincts. So if you are trying to build a relationship with your girl, make sure you respect her and prioritize her.

3. By getting out of the friend zone, make her feel jealous

Very often, a woman never really knows her true feelings for someone unless they lose it. So make her feel like she’s lost you, though not completely. Let the jealous monster crawl inside her. Make her want you to come back to her. By making her jealous, you are actually making her realize her true feelings for you if she has any. Start seeing other women, spend more with your other friends. Make her feel the need to be with you. Jealousy can work wonders. If it makes her jealous by being with her other friends, she will be considered more valuable and undesirable. This feeling begins to generate an attraction to you. This is simply playing mind games with her, like playing hardball. Making her curious and letting her know that you should never have been a friend but rather have a relationship. By making her jealous, you can get out of the friend zone quickly.

4. Flirt with her a bit

When trying to get out of the friend zone, it is important to make her understand by flirting with her. In this way you hint that you have feelings for her. By flirting with your girl, you are trying to let her know that you are taking your relationship to the next level. This is a clear and easy way to get out of the friend zone. By continually flirting, you could let her know about your romantic interest in her. Just by flirting with her, you are giving her a chance to flirt. In this way, you can make her feel free to confront her feelings for you if she has any. If you are trying to end up as her boyfriend, then you should make fun of her and make her feel loved. Send her flirty text messages every now and then and watch the way she responds. This way you can get out of the friend zone quickly.

5. Touch her more often

Make physical contact with her, don’t go to any extreme, and make her feel bad. Try to make it seem casual, but make her understand that you have feelings for her. You don’t need to be very obvious, just give it a little hint; your girl will really understand what you mean. So be sure to make physical contact with her through touch. Pat her on the back when she’s a little upset, hug her when she’s broke. In this way, she will slowly learn your true feelings for her. This is the easiest way to tell your lover girl that you look at her as more than just a friend. There is always a difference between being a friend and being a boyfriend. You tend to break down that friendship barrier with your sweet touch. This is one way to get yourself out of the friend zone. Try this; slowly she will understand your intentions.

6. Congratulate her a lot

Congratulate your girl on her looks, her smile, the way she carries herself. Make sure she knows that you notice her. Telling a girl that you notice her by complimenting her on her hair, her makeup will make her understand that you have intense feelings for her. By congratulating the girl of your dreams, you will tell her that you find her attractive. Everyone loves to be congratulated, your girl too. So be sure to congratulate her. By congratulating her, he secretly sends her a message that he sees her best attributes. Congratulate her on how amazing she is; You can even send text messages through the message and let her know that she is appreciated. Not all friends praise each other and make a point of appreciating each other. So it becomes pretty obvious to her when you compliment and appreciate her.