6 enemies of the couple to avoid

To make a couple work, no miracle recipe, but only communication, a lot of communication, HUGE communication! However, you can already identify the obstacles that come to get in the way of you and your beautiful couple, to better dodge them! To help you, Talking about Love has listed 6 enemies of the couple that should be avoided:

1 / Overtime

Staying at work a little later from time to time to put butter in the spinach is good. It is less so to forget your family and marital duties … Do not neglect your man/woman, or your children if you have them! Know how to cut, and spend more time with him/her/them! Do not hesitate to surprise by coming home earlier, if you are used to the fact, attention will necessarily be appreciated.

2 / Lack of attention

Not easy overtime to keep the spirit of the beginnings, the passion of the first times! And yet, over time, comes the lack of attention, you no longer look at your partner as much as before, talk to him less, listen to him less … So rediscover the look you had in the first days for your partner. Learn to rediscover it, relearn to admire it! And above all, tell him the love you have for him, spontaneously, for no particular reason. He/she will appreciate very much!

3 / Your sofa

By that I mean the routine that takes hold, the laziness that takes precedence over the rest. Gone are the evenings at the restaurant, the outings to the cinema, to the concerts, or to the theater, say hello to the eternal evenings sprawled on your sofa watching more or less interesting programs on TV… So we get up, we take off our slippers, plaid, and we go out to put some spice back in our married life !!!

4 / excessive jealousy

Being jealous is natural, and not necessarily bad… If it is not excessive! Because there is nothing heavier and unpleasant in the long run to have an ultra jealous partner! In addition, tired and bored by having to justify yourself, and denying your smoking theories, you risk locking your partner in a self-fulfilling prophecy! Remember that trust is the cement of the couple, so don’t overdo it unnecessarily.

5 / Abstinence

So here, watch out. If abstinence is wanted by both partners, in order to find themselves even better, even stronger after a few days/weeks / even months, then it can be a great experience for the couple! However, if you find yourself in a situation where you or your partner are dissatisfied with the other person’s low libido, it’s time to do something about it. Communicate with your partner! And/or consult a marriage counselor to determine what is wrong with your relationship.

6 / Television

Can be both responsible for the lack of communication and attention to the other, as well as idleness, television is a great object … But which can also be harmful for the couple if it is not use it properly! It is indeed tempting to let yourself be stupefied by the images when you have free time as a couple … Rather than actually spending time with his / her partner … Start perhaps already by limiting your viewing time per day, and see what new activities you can do during this free time!