6 intimate things to do with your partner more important than s ex

Wrongly, we often tend to believe that the most intimate act of a couple is to make love. Sometimes having se x can become mechanical and less and less intimate. There are some gestures, which seem trivial but they guarantee a great intimacy created by the partners. Feeling close and connected with your spouse is one of the cornerstones of a fulfilling relationship. We must not skimp on the efforts to maintain the proximity with his partner. Here are 6 things to do without moderation that can be more intimate than s ex.

Intimacy is often gauged by the number of se xual relationships that take place in a couple. Yet other activities can link partners in a deeper and more sustainable way than a furious night. The actions we are going to talk about may seem insignificant but they create a unique link between the partners. If you read the following lines, you will know how to add another dimension of intimacy to your union and feel closer than ever.

1- Look in your eyes

This gesture often tends to be neglected even during your intimate moments. Yet the maxim says that the eyes are the window of the soul. Feel free to share languid and deep looks regularly with your partner. Looking in the eye is an act of complicity that is worth a thousand words. It is an act more powerful than touch because it marks the spiritual connection between two beings who love each other.

2- Sleeping together

Sleeping together does not necessarily mean making love. Sharing the same bed and just sleeping involves a lot of tenderness and intimacy. In a bed, you share your vulnerability and your space with someone who is dear to you. When you sleep with a partner you love, you feel comfortable and secure. It is a precious moment and very intimate. Wrap your spouse in bed and feel the tenderness that unites you.

3- Take care of your partner

When your partner is sick, be it for him. These moments are very intimate and strengthen your relationship. The person caring for their spouse is in an almost maternal situation that increases the feeling of intimacy. Beyond touch, benevolence in a couple welds love and trust. Inestimable pillars of intimacy.

4- To write letters

It is an original idea and has its effect. Writing makes it possible to free oneself and to express one’s feelings in a clearer way than in an oral way. To express gratitude and love to one’s partner on a sheet of paper creates an intimacy all the greater as words are eternal. You can practice this exercise regularly and create a diary of letters together. This habit will allow you to better understand and communicate.

5- Compliment yourself often

It’s worth a try. Do not hold back beautiful things to say to your partner. If it is a small detail, it will have even more impact. Complimenting one’s partner on a regular basis increases one’s esteem as well as your closeness. So you have everything to gain. Verbal communication between people who love each other creates a special intimacy. These words remain in the mind of the person who receives them because we are never indifferent to compliments.

6- Do nothing together

Bubble together. In an armchair, in a bed or on the grass, it will always be worth it. These moments are conducive to exchanges and confessions. Your intimacy will only be strengthened. Sharing silences is also an intimate act. This means that you enjoy each other’s company without needing an activity to justify it. Lie down, play with your partner’s hair and enjoy the moment.