6 keys to find your soul mate

Before you find your soul mate, you need to find yourself, know yourself and love yourself so that you can make a connection with someone who enriches your personality.

Finding your soul mate is not a matter of magic. It’s also not about waiting for the thread of fate to weave the right opportunity.

The ideal couple, that made of a meeting where the emotional, the psychological, and even the spiritual harmonize almost perfectly, requires first of all that we carry out adequate interior work.

We cannot find an emotional partner who matches our desires, values, and principles if we have not first defined what we want, who we are and what defines us.

As it is often said, “we attract what we are”. Therefore, let us first become magical ourselves, be mature, sure, precious, and able to offer the best to others with authenticity and charisma …

Finding your soul mate can be easier than you think if you dare to work on these dimensions. We hope they help and inspire you.

1. Clearly define your priorities

Most of us already have a rich past, a personal “baggage”  filled with emotional stories, joys and, at times, romantic disappointments.

However… Have we really learned from all these experiences? Everything that has been experienced in the past should serve as a learning curve. Only in this way do we get to know ourselves better, and to clearly define what we want and what we don’t want.

It is necessary to be aware of our priorities in order to put filters on what happens to us, and in the presence of the people who cross our path. It is best to avoid making the mistakes of the past again, or repeating the unwanted patterns of yesterday.

2. Benefit from your experiences, life and yourself

Rather than obsessing over your soul mate, let it come. Let love take possession of you while you enjoy life, yourself, what surrounds you …

Sometimes we have so many goals every day that we forget something essential: take your time and enjoy the moment. Indeed, reveling in it allows us to see that sometimes the most beautiful things happen by coincidence.

Only those who take full advantage of the path and allow themselves to love themselves fully are aware of what they deserve and are, therefore, much more receptive to what surrounds them …

3. Be emotionally mature

Do not look for someone to soothe your loneliness, to heal the wounds of the past, to fill the void that another person has left.

Even more, do not seek an impossible ideal, and do not feed your expectations of a romantic love: seek a mature love, a strong relationship.

  • Having clear priorities about what we want and what suffering we don’t want to repeat to ourselves is a big help.
  • However, emotional maturity is also essential when it comes to finding your soul mate.

If you want to find someone responsible, someone with empathy, close to you, who knows how to listen to you, share without creating dependency and love without controlling, remember: start by putting these dimensions into practice. -even.

4.  Find your own soul before you find your soul mate


How do you find your own soul? Beyond the metaphor, beyond the symbolic aspect, hides an indisputable fact: no one can find a related person if he does not know himself.

Indeed, if we are not sure of who we really are, what bothers us, what hurts us, or what our real needs are, we will only be subordinate to those of others.

Therefore, never overlook the value of self-knowledge, it is very important to know where our limits are, what are our values, our flaws, and weaknesses, as well as our strengths.

5. Follow your intuition

It seems that intuition is the voice of the heart, but in reality, it is much more than that.

Intuition, as well as instinct, is a reflection of our subconscious, where our authentic essence, our memories, our personality is also located. All this knowledge of us is what allows us to give quick answers when we need them most.

So when you find yourself in front of that special someone, your intuition will tell you. Make her confidence and, above all, be able to listen to your sixth sense.

6.  Believe in your soul mate, be receptive

Why not believe that there really is a person on the other side of the red thread of destiny? Someone who can be our true soul mate?

There is nothing wrong with believing in this, as long as we have these clear concepts:

  • Our soul mate is not someone with the same tastes as we are, it is not “a copy” of our own being, let alone our other half.
  • The soul mate is someone with whom we have a connection… and nothing is more magical than feeling “connected”.
  • This means that although we are different, we understand each other and enrich each other from this relationship.
  • We are “one” formed by “two” parts, always keeping our own personality but enjoying the same journey, with a common project …

In conclusion, beyond the romantic and symbolic aspect that emerges from the term “soul mate”, there is actually a series of emotional and psychological processes that define well what many consider to be the perfect couple.

Our soul mate is the person with whom we wish to walk hand in hand, throughout the journey that is life, knowing that we are loved, and knowing that we are at the side of someone in whom we trust as much as we do. ‘in our own person …

Finding that person is within our reach.