6 obvious signs that your man loves you deeply

Sometimes, although we know that the other loves us, we still need to be reassured. That’s good, this article is made for! So here are 6 obvious signs that your man loves you deeply.


First of all, I would like to remind you, even if I remind you all the time, that a couple is also work. Love alone is not enough. Always compare your relationship to a garden. Take care of it, water the plants every day, and above all, cut the weeds as soon as they appear. Do not wait until they are too high, otherwise, you will not be able to cut them even with the help of large pruning shears! If you know what I mean…

Communication in a couple is THE most important thing. And, to have good communication within your relationship, repeat to yourself every day that you must not act with the other as you would like him to act with you. But that you must act with the other as he would like you to act with him. To do this, I can only recommend our article on the five languages ​​of love.

6 obvious signs that your man loves you deeply

After this little foreword, here are the 6 obvious signs (there are obviously many others) that your man loves you more than anything.

1 / He gives you as much time as he can

Whenever he can, he wants to spend time with you. Despite your two busy schedules and even, perhaps, your children, he does everything to continue to spend special moments with you.

He clearly enjoys your company and never gets bored with you. Sometimes he even leaves the office earlier to come looking for you. And, if you don’t live together yet, he often makes himself available and tries to see you a maximum of times each week.

2 / He projects with you

A man who loves you deeply will have no trouble planning for the future with you. On the contrary, he will have sentences such as ”  We could take an apartment together”, “What if we bought? “,” You want how many children “… It can also be smaller things like:”  And if we were going to Guadeloupe this summer  “?

In all cases, whether it is a near or distant future, he has no trouble imagining his future with you.

3 / He takes care of you

He is always very attentive to you and really wants to help you and support you in all your projects. You know you can count on him 200%.

If you are sick, prone to depression, and anxiety attacks for example (I take this case because it is very present), it will not hold you against it. Even if he doesn’t understand your illness, he will do anything to make you smile and never make you feel guilty.

In short, he is benevolent and considerate with you. Whatever happens to you, you know you can rest on it as much as it can rest on you.

4 / He introduces you to everyone

He is so proud of you and of having you in his life that he wants everyone to meet you. Friends, family, colleagues … He wants to introduce you to all the people he knows!

He is very proud of you and keeps repeating it to you. The mutual admiration is one of the cement of the couple, so it’s a very good point!

5 / He has absolute confidence in you and respects you

His confidence in you is absolute, he does not ask any questions about your loyalty because he knows that you are sincere and honest. And this is reciprocal.

Within the relationship, he respects you as much as you respect him. That is to say that he listens to you, takes into account your opinions and your desires. 

The only thing he wants is to see you happy. It does not prevent you from spending time, alone, with your friends when you feel the urge or the need.

6 / He makes you his priority and pulls you up

Whatever happens, you will always come before others. If you have any concerns, he’ll be there before you even ask him.

Besides that, it makes you better every day, without even realizing it. He wants your good, he wants your happiness and does everything to get you there. 

He absolutely never puts you down, it wouldn’t even come to mind. Conversely, it compliments you and shows you how amazing you are.

Through his eyes, you regain immense self-esteem. And that is priceless!