6 Reasons Why You Will Never Find The Truth About A Narcissist

Sure, narcissists can be “cool” or fun if you’re not close to them, but when they’re your lover or family member, they can be a nightmare. The more people you surround yourself with, the more you will begin to realize how common the lies they spread are.

Trying to extract the truth from a narcissist’s lips is quite frustrating and a seemingly impossible task. Although you can try as hard as you can, they will never give you the answers you need. Below I will explain why narcissists are like this and break things down a bit. If you’ve ever been “too close” to a narcissist, you know exactly how real this problem is for those who live in their lives.

6 reasons why you will never find the truth about a narcissist:
1. They don’t think you deserve the truth.
Narcissists do not think that anyone around them deserves the secrets they hold. They keep other people’s truth because they don’t think you are good enough to realize it. They keep things above your head and try to get you to think about what they want.

2. Refusing the truth allows them to confuse you.

Narcissists need confusion, and one of the best ways to do this is to lie. They will tell you something, then go back and change the story to destabilize you. It’s like you can’t figure out the problem.

3. They don’t want to admit their own wrongdoing.
Narcissists are not the type to accept their mistakes or correct themselves. When they do something wrong, they blame others or hide them entirely. They are never responsible for their own actions.

4. For them, lies are more interesting than the truth.
When a narcissist lies about something that makes him more interesting, he does it exactly by trying to make things more interesting. They need attention and will stop at nothing to get it. Although you may not find it interesting, it really keeps them away from the feet.

5. Keeping the truth about yourself is a way to gain power over you.

The more the narcissist knows that you don’t know it, the more he feels the power he has over you. They are all about to take control and be able to keep things on the heads of others. It’s just one of the things they do.

6. They just don’t want to tell you the truth.
Sometimes narcissists just don’t want to reveal the truth, and they don’t. They hide it and believe the lies they harbor. This is why so many people tend to believe them.