6 Reasons Your Ex Texts You, And It’s Not Always Because He Wants You Back

Does he want you back?

Millions of women ask, “why does my ex text me?” most of the time, the reason is simpler than you might think if you understand how men think.

For example, imagine you haven’t heard from a guy in two years.

Then, one day, he texts you out of the blue asking how you are.

At this point, you might think he’s interested again, right?

Then he disappears without further contact.

Why does a man tell you he’s thinking about you, but then leave the conversation hanging loose?

I know this behavior sounds really confusing – but that’s where I can help!

Here Are Six Possible Reasons He Sent A Text Message Out Of Nothing, Then Stopped, And How You Might Be Reading:

1 . He likes to fantasize.

Men often dream about women they’ve dated, met once, seen online, on the subway or on TV, etc.

Texting you has given him a visual focus because he clearly finds you attractive.

But that doesn’t mean he wants to start something or see her, so don’t get it wrong.

2 . He Is Feeling Down.

When a man feels lonely or depressed, texting you is a huge ego boost.

When you message him back, he’ll see that you’re still interested.

Then he stops, because he just wanted a little confirmation that he can still have you.

This exchange boosts his sense of male attraction so he can move on .

For him, that was satisfying enough and there’s no reason to continue the conversation or see him.

On the other hand, women tend to be flattered by a man from the past who arrives and is curious, they are left hoping for more.

More chatting, more texting, and maybe a chance to go out on a date.

We want to find out details and investigate.

Women can’t imagine there’s a reason to text if you don’t want to anymore.

But that’s not how men think.

More on that later.

3 . He’s Showing off.

Perhaps a man from your past is showing a friend how popular he is.

He shows his cell phone with messages from you as proof.

Or he texts you in his friend’s presence, waiting for you to respond to make him look like he’s on top – like he has a bunch of women waiting in line.

He’s not invested in the conversation and his answer is everything he was looking for.

4 . He is Sentimental.

Men can be sentimental and he may have remembered his relationship with you which made him miss you .

On impulse, he texted to say he was thinking about you.

This kind of sentimentality is usually short-lived and soon he forgets about you again.

That’s why you shouldn’t make sense of random text.

5 . He Just Broke Up With Someone.

If a man you dated a while ago texts you out of the blue, he may have just broken up with your current one.

Feeling hurt, he wants to reconnect to feel loved again.

He remembers you fondly and sends you a message to see what’s going on.

This is a temporary measure and as soon as he feels better he will disappear.

6 . He doesn’t think like you.

As I mentioned earlier, the way men and women think is drastically different.

Women have strong emotions and ample reasons behind what we say and do.

However, we often prefer not to reveal the deeper motivation behind our behavior.

While men may have deep feelings or hidden goals , they are more direct and simpler to understand.

Of course, you need to know what to look out for, and you can’t rely on female intuition to figure out what’s really going on.

To be clear, don’t expect anything when a man texts you out of the blue.

Women also tend to make excuses for men or make up reasons to get in touch when there’s a shortage of things to say.

We  want to understand why  he did or said something and that’s why we assign meaning and end up feeling lost and confused.

Your friends may tell you that he’s afraid to ask you out because you’ve turned him down.

Maybe he was working on a big project at work or someone in his family suddenly got sick.

Did those excuses come to your mind when you were desperate to understand why he texted and disappeared?

To protect yourself in the future, don’t take his text messages seriously or make any of them meaningful.

If he wants to see you, he’ll ask you out .

If he doesn’t call, that’s all you need to know about getting back with him.

No response and disappearing clearly communicates that he doesn’t care enough.

His text messages are not a sign of long-term romantic interest.

How to Know If He’s Really Interested:

Knowing the signs of a serious man can help you weed out scoundrels.

When a guy texts you regularly, takes you on dates every week, calls and stays in touch, he’s showing interest.

This is also true when your ex wants you back.

Consistent effort to get to know her and spend time together shows that he has real potential.

When you filter out guys who are sporadic when it comes to chasing you, you are on your way to finding the right man and a good match for lasting love.