6 signs that a nice person might have negative intentions

Have you ever met someone who looked very nice when you first met? He sounded funny and genuine and likable, and you started to forge a friendship. But you got to know him and something started to bother you . This “nice” person started to take off his mask. When you discovered his true personality, you started to get disillusioned.

People who seem nice when you first meet them, but turn out to be someone else are very common in our society. These people have hidden negative intentions and if you’re not careful, they can end up taking advantage of you.

Here are six signs that a good person has secret negative intentions:

1.She uses persuasion as a game

A person with bad intentions will constantly use persuasion to get what they want. She will use peer pressure to get you to do something you don’t want to do. These people are masters of the art of manipulating the people around them to get what they want.

2. She uses humor to insult you

A “nice” person with negative intentions might use humor to insult you. When she says something offensive, she will continue with “just kidding”. It’s a way of putting yourself down and increasing your sense of superiority. She might use this tactic especially when you’re with a group of people, to make you look bad in front of others.

3. His conversations are always one-sided

Friendly people with bad intentions seek to dominate discussions. They manipulate conversations to bring them back to them. This sign may take a long time to notice. But after you’ve been around long enough with that person, you’ll start to see that you can never get a word out, and the conversation always seems to revolve around them.

4. She makes repeated requests

Someone who seems nice but is really a manipulator has a tendency to ask. He believes he is superior to others so he uses other people to achieve his ends. Challenging her words and refusing to participate in her game can help keep you from being sucked into her negativity.

5. She displays abnormal eye contact and body language

Manipulators know how to use eye contact and body language to build confidence.  But if you look closely enough, you might unmask them. Prolonged, uncomfortable eye contact can be a sign that the person you’re talking to has some hidden intentions.

6. You feel bad after talking to him

Feeling bad or weird after talking with someone is often your hunch that tells you something is wrong. When you deal with a nice person, you will feel positive after spending time with them.