6 signs that you can trust him

Are there signs that you can trust him? To the person with whom you are in a relationship? It is very difficult to trust, especially if you have been betrayed before. When one has experienced one or more romantic disappointments, it is normal to doubt, to no longer know who is trustworthy and who is not. However we all know, trust is a key element in a romantic relationship, even essential. Confidence does not come in the blink of an eye, it is built as the relationship progresses. To find out if you can really trust him, there are unmistakable clues. Here are 6, 6 signs that you can trust him.

6 signs that you can trust him

# 1 He confides in you

The person you love does not hide from you and openly assumes their feelings. She tells you about her dreams, her desires, and her projects but is also honest about her fears and her complexes. No problem talking to you about his past, whether it’s good or bad. And she is always ready to tell you what she is feeling and you may not realize it but to share her feelings is to be, in a way, vulnerable. Indeed, by giving yourself up to someone you run the risk of not being understood, or even judged by the other. This, therefore, shows that she trusts you and therefore that you can therefore also trust her.

However, don’t worry either if the other one doesn’t turn to you right away. Some men indeed find it harder to open up than others and this does not show a lack of confidence, just that he or she needs a little more time. Communicate about it and if he recognizes that he is having trouble it is already a sign of confidence in you to recognize him.

# 2 He knows how to question himself

How do you trust someone who tries to cover up their mistakes, who makes excuses for not having to ask for forgiveness? It is a way of building a kind of barrier and preventing the other from approaching. The rule is therefore quite simple: if your partner openly accepts and recognizes his wrongs on daily faults it is reassuring. This explains why for more important subjects he will have no trouble assuming his mistakes.

In addition, if he apologizes for having hurt you even on something quite banal it is still a mark of confidence. Forgiveness is an important factor for happiness and balance in a couple. If he does so when a conflict arises between the two of you, it is a sign that you can trust him and that you can, therefore, trust your story.

# 3 He shares his daily life with you: One of the signs that you can trust him

As mentioned above, confiding in you about your feelings and projects is a great sign of confidence, but sharing your daily life is just as important. Every detail of your life counts, even if everyone has their secret garden, of course. But most people who find it difficult to trust are those who have already been betrayed before and who no longer want to have the same experience. So if this is your case and your partner does not spread out over the day, seeing does not tell you anything at all it is normal that you do not have total confidence.

But if, on the contrary, he tells you about his day, it is because he has nothing to hide from you and above all that he wants to share his daily life with you. You can, therefore, trust him because the person who tells you about each detail (from the most insignificant to the most important) shows you that he trusts you without any reservations and that you can, therefore, do the same.

 4 It is tactile and unreservedly displayed with you

The way a couple appears in public speaks volumes about the trust one places in the other. To trust each other, it is indeed essential not to be afraid to show your feelings and emotions to others. Of course, we do not say that we must be constantly glued to each other and forget the outside world, but the fact of holding hands, kissing each other from time to time or even throwing a few looks show the connection between the two of you.

Even if you have nothing to prove to anyonea trustworthy person is someone who shouldn’t be afraid to show off. And when you are both, it is also important that you are physically close, not just when you are in bed, they are two very different things. Being tactile in a couple is important, it shows tenderness and desire between you.

# 5 He doesn’t hide his phone: One of the important signs that you can trust him

At a time when a lot of our life is on our phones, the fact that your partner does not hide it shows that he has nothing to hide from you and that he has confidence in you. Obviously, you should not go dig into it. If he leaves it near you, there is nothing to find suspicious.  

In fact, a person you can trust will not try to hide their messages, calls or accounts on social networks from you. So know that if he has no problem leaving his laptop when you are not in the same room, you can trust him.

# 6 he talks openly about money

We all know that money can often be a subject of contention and not necessarily that of couples. But in a relationship, it can create big conflicts and create a lack of confidence. Have you made the decision to live together and are you going to have joint expenses? If he is willing to share a bank account with you this is an important sign of trust for example. If he also talks to you openly about the money he earns and his expenses, so he has no problem talking to you openly about money, it is also a sign of trust in you.

Because hiding your expenses, your salary or making mysteries about money shows a certain lack of confidence. However, keeping an account each on your side to maintain financial independence does not show a lack of confidence in the other, it is completely normal. As long as you have the same open-mindedness about money and none of you have mysteries, you can be confident.

So after reading all the signs that you can trust him, what conclusion do you draw?