6 signs that you should take the plunge with your colleague

Do you have a crush on your colleague, but hesitate to declare your love for him? Here are 6 signs that you can get started.

Whenever you see him in the hallway or in front of the coffee machine, you have butterflies in your stomach. You will hang out with him well outside office hours, this colleague for whom you have been secretly falling in love for months. Especially since you feel inward that your feelings towards him could turn out to be reciprocal … Only here, you do not manage to take the first step, for fear of embarking on a somewhat complicated story. What can be understood: if it turns sour between you, you will continue to meet this person every day and you can hardly ignore him. Fortunately, love stories between colleagues do not always end badly.

1- You are always ready to support each other

Do you often linger (for no apparent reason) in his office at the end of a meeting, and always volunteer when he needs a little help? If he adopts a similar attitude with you, this is a very good sign because it means that you are on the same wavelength. Well, it can also indicate a certain sympathy all that is most friendly, but it is already a good start. Besides, it seems that the most solid romantic relationships are those based on bonds of friendship. It is therefore rather encouraging.

2- He is single and ready to enter into a relationship

The problem when you start a relationship with a person you don’t know much is that you don’t always guess your intentions. “Does he want to be in a relationship or is he with me just to have a good time?” Sometimes, it even happens that the person outright “omits” to tell you that he is already engaged in another relationship! So many misunderstandings which often lead to a rupture tinged with bitterness and disappointment. The advantage with your colleague, if you know him well enough, is that you know what to expect. So if he let you know that he was single and ready to start a relationship and that this is also your case, banco.

3- He hates dramas and gossip

Each workspace has its daily share of gossip and drama. But if you have noticed that your colleague is not the gossip type and is rather refractory towards people who perform, it is a good point for you. Because if you end up getting into a relationship but it turns out short, you will at least have the guarantee (a priori) that it will remain discreet and that it will not spread your little adventure in the corridors.

4- Your boss doesn’t seem to care about romantic relationships between employees

If we hesitate so much to live a love affair at work, it is often because we fear the reaction of our boss if he comes to learn it. But if the latter clearly demonstrated that he did not take much interest in romances between office colleagues, why deprive yourself? As long as you do not work directly under the orders of your colleague, there is no reason (in principle) to panic.

5- He behaves well with others

A great way to judge a person’s moral worth is to observe how they behave with others. And the office is the perfect place for that. If the person you are bitten has a team spirit, that he is respectful towards all his collaborators and that he gives time to the little 3rd-year intern while he is overwhelmed, it probably means that he so behaves outside of work. If, on the other hand, she plays herself and listens only to her, it may not be a good idea to start a story.

6- He can separate professional life and personal life

It often happens that we disagree with our collaborators. If your colleague approaches these delicate situations calmly and is always ready to find a solution without getting upset or stumbling, fine. Because it proves on the one hand that he is able to compromise (very precious quality in a couple) and on the other hand that he knows how to take a step back. So if you get together in the near future, he will likely be able to stay calm after an argument and “take a break” from work so as not to affect your relationship on that side.

If you think that the colleague for whom you fall in love corresponds to several (if not all) of these propositions, then there is no longer any doubt: you must go for it!