6 signs you’re falling in love

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, and we don’t use the verb “to fall” for nothing…

Meeting a new man and developing feelings for him is complicated and confusing. Not all women realize that they are falling in love.

Could i be in love with him

One of the reasons you might not know you are in love is that you may be resisting; there may be a special reason why you don’t believe you could fall in love with this man.

Or you really don’t want to fall in love with him because he doesn’t meet the criteria you are looking for in a partner.

Other women may be in denial due to past experiences. They have been injured and are unconsciously afraid that it will happen again.

Fortunately, according to science, your body knows when you fall in love, and it tries to alert you with various strange signs.

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist, explains that a “loving brain” is not like other brains.

The “loving brain” is a combination of several systems working together and, therefore, sending several signs.

1. You can imagine a future with him

Can you imagine marrying him, building a life, and growing old together? If the answer is yes, you are undoubtedly in love with him.

Experts say if you’re not in love with a man, the thought of spending more time with him can cause anxiety and stress.

You can’t really project yourself beyond a few meetings, no matter how hard you try.

What kind of emotions does a commitment with this man cause in you?

Engagement scares many people. If the thought of being with a man forever excites you, then you are falling in love with him.

When you are in love, you have a unique feeling of joy and hope and you are anxious to find out what the future holds for you, whatever it is.

2. Spending time with him makes you happy.

You enjoy his company and you are always in the present moment when you are with him. After all, why would you be somewhere else?

Does a bad day get much better the moment you see it? Only someone you love can turn your day from dull to wonderful in seconds.

Empty room test

If you were to sit with this man in an empty room for hours, how would you feel? Would you be uncomfortable?

Or would it be interesting; exciting even? This is how you know you fall in love. Being with each other is enough, and you don’t need outside entertainment to keep you busy.

3. It is at the top of your priority list

If you find yourself easily putting his needs before yours without any hesitation, chances are you’re in love with him.

It is in the nature of love: it is selfless.

You always want to do everything to make his life happy and more comfortable. And it is not enough.

You will go out of your normal activities and participate in his own: you will taste new foods, watch new series and try new activities, just to make him happy.

Science reveals that people in love are very empathetic towards their loved one; they feel his pain, and are ready to sacrifice everything to make him happy.

They reorganize their priorities to adapt them to those of their loved one.

4. You keep thinking about him

If it is you think of last just before falling asleep, and it is you that you think of first when you wake up, then there is a reason.

When you’re in love, it’s like you can’t stop thinking about him. This is because your brain releases phenylethylamine, better known as the “love dr**g”.

Phenylethylamine creates a feeling of passion for the man in question. Scientists say another reason for this intrusive behavior is a drop in serotonin, which occurs when a person falls in love, and which is associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Did you know that people in love spend 85% of their waking time thinking about their loved one?

5. You like everything about him

Do you like all its imperfections? It’s easy to say that you fall in love when you stop wanting it to be perfect and that you accept everything about it.

The faults become those little “eccentricities” that you start to like, and you recognize them as qualities that make them unique.

A study from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, has shown that the feeling of love goes above the feeling of disgust.

Science shows that people who are genuinely in love focus on the qualities of their loved one while neglecting their negative traits. Thanks to a higher dopamine level, people in love think that their loved one is unique.

6. You are afraid

To lose it; to keep it; you’re wondering if you’re really ready for this. You keep wondering if this is true love.

You wonder how you could have let this happen.

You are afraid, but deep down, you know you are going to start.

Although love is associated with a feeling of warmth, it can also be a strong source of stress. Being in love results in the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which comes with pressure.

But it is also normal to be nervous. This stress could be a typical response to the stress of repeated interactions with a person whose impression is of great importance to you.

According to scientists, falling in love is a form of addiction. Just like drug addicts, people in love go from euphoria and elation to anxiety, panic, and despair to the slightest flaw in the relationship.

Did you know? When you are in love:

➢ You feel less pain, physically and emotionally

Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that love may well be the ultimate painkiller, because of which the brain cannot perceive pain. Look at a photo of the loved one reduces the pain by about 40% and reduces severe pain by 10-15%.

➢ You are not hungry

One of the first symptoms of love, according to researchers, is a lack of appetite. This is because your body releases endorphins when you fall in love. In response, your brain produces more serotonin, and you, therefore, feel less need to eat. Few diets are as effective as love!

➢ You will look good

When you fall in love, you feel younger, refreshed, and full of life. Love increases blood flow to the skin, and when nutrients and oxygen start to flow in, you look younger.

➢ You feel very energetic

Scientists use the word “hypomania”, which means “intense energy” . Hypomania is associated with the early stages of love

➢ You neglect the cleaning

Women in love tend to ignore household chores more than usual. Scientists say that people who fall in love fall into their most primitive instincts and also feel more euphoric. Their thoughts and actions are all turned to their new romantic interest.


Falling in love is an intense but necessary period to understand your feelings quickly so that you can turn to other equally important things.

It is not because you fall in love with a man that you should seek to have a relationship with him.

There are other things to consider in order to build a healthy and lasting relationship.

  • Is he also falling in love with you?
    ● Is he the kind of man who will support you?
    ● Does he understand and respect you?
    ● Is he empathetic with you?
    ● Does this man share your values ​​and priorities?

Don’t fall in love blindly. Investing effort and time during this initial period will pay off, and your attraction will turn into a great long-term relationship.