6 smart questions to ask at the start of a relationship

Sometimes, we launch out in a relationship a little sure a whim, or rather a thunderbolt … And the first moments are wonderful because passion and love overshadow everything else. But it can make sense, if you want to do it right, take a step back and really realize what you’ve got yourself into. Here are 6 smart questions to ask your partner at the start of the relationship to help you determine if your relationship has a chance of ending up somewhere.

Obviously, these questions are to be asked when you feel that things are progressing between you, when you are already in a relationship! Otherwise, if you ask him these questions after three weeks, you are sure of one thing: to scare him away!

Likewise, this should not look like an interrogation, it is a question to ask one by one over time!

What are you looking for?

Perhaps you want a story without headache, a kleenex relationship, a purely carnal relationship, or rather a serious relationship … Anyway, you probably want your partner to be in the same vein. Otherwise, if one of you is much more involved in the relationship than the other, you are facing some troubles … So be sure to put things right!

Do you think we both have a chance?

In other words, a common future. Because it can be good to make sure that you don’t waste time or money in a relationship that your partner doesn’t see coming out anyway. Because you may make all the efforts in the world to keep your couple afloat, if you do not do this work together, it will not work.

What do you think of me?

No, you are not looking specifically for your partner to compliment you, or an ode to your beauty. But it is important that you know what attracts your partner to your home. And how powerful and intense his feelings are towards you. And, if it is not always easy to answer this question, your partner will be able to answer you as honestly as possible if he/she is really attracted to you.

How do you see your future in the ideal?

By asking him to project himself, you will see for yourself if your needs and expectations match. For example, if he wants to have children and this is not your case, it can be very complicated for the future. Likewise, if you dream of living in Paris while it is flourishing in the middle of the trees and the forest, it may be more difficult for you to project yourself as a couple.

Are you happy?

Difficult question, of course! But it will allow you to know if in the whole of his life, your partner is fulfilled. You will necessarily be included in his response.

What qualities do you think the ideal woman should have?

Do not rush if you do not find yourself completely in its description! It will also allow you to see if it can stick in the long term or not between the two of you.