6 things your spouse should never ask you

While the relationship may seem like a gesture of love, we should not, for the sake of our mental and emotional health, accept certain attitudes from our spouse.

Do you love your spouse as to think you would be able to do everything and anything per our him? While it’s common to try to self-improve when we’re with another person, there are some things your spouse should never ask you to do.

You do not agree? Read on, because in this article we will walk you through a few instances where you need to set limits and not allow another person to take control.

These things your spouse should never ask you

There are a few things your partner should never ask of you for a healthy relationship. All of the points that we present to you below relate to your physical or emotional health.

1. Change to Look Like Another Person: One of the Things Your Spouse Should Never Ask You to Do

One of the first things your spouse should never ask you to do is lose your essence and become someone else’s copy.

It doesn’t matter if your spouse prefers you to be blonde or to have this or that behavior. You don’t have to change if you don’t want to.

It’s not just about your partner having to respect your essence and love who you are today. It also implies that he respects who you are, your fears, your challenges, and your history.

  • The only time your partner can validly suggest a change is when their remark concerns something that affects you in some way.

For example, if you are a very negative person or have negative habits, your spouse may suggest certain improvements.

However, this should remain a suggestion. There should never be a feeling of obligation on your part. After all, if that person doesn’t like who you are, maybe they shouldn’t be with you.

2. Give up your dreams

The second thing your spouse should never ask you to do is let go of the things that motivate you.

We know that many women, for example, leave their working life behind to become a mother and dedicate themselves to motherhood.

This is very valid and it is a good idea if the two members of the couple discuss and come to the conclusion that they will be happier this way, or that it will help them grow together.

The problem arises, however, when your spouse decides for you that a dream or a goal is no longer important or necessary. This is already a situation of excessive control which is not healthy.

3. Take your s**xuality to an area where you don’t feel comfortable

Another thing your partner should never ask you to do is force yourself to push past your limits when it comes to intimacy.

We all have limits and fantasies that we can explore if we have tremendous trust in our partner.

This should never, however, mean that the latter is forcing you to do things, adopt positions, or try things that are not appealing to you. You will not enjoy s**x and the relationship will be affected.  It is also a form of violence.

Of course, your partner can expose you to certain concerns and you can make agreements to try to break these taboos or limits. The key is to take the time you need to do and only do what you feel comfortable with.

4. Move away from loved ones

Having a strong network of connections is vital for everyone. Therefore, pulling yourself away from others is something your spouse should never ask you to do.

He may not get along very well with a friend or family member. The same can happen to you and in reality, it doesn’t have to be something serious.

However, this does not allow anyone to ask the other to be alone. If you do fall into this situation, talk to someone you trust and make sure that you are not in a toxic relationship.

Abusive spouses are characterized by keeping their victim away from anyone who can offer them support. So you have to be very careful and avoid this situation.

5. Remove all traces of privacy

Some people believe that it should not have privacy in a relationship couple. This is one of the things your spouse should never ask you to do.

It is okay for your partner to be confident enough to use your phone if it is low on battery and needs to make an urgent call. However, you should never allow him to check it or monitor your conversations.

You should always keep your passwords, financial data, and any other sensitive information for yourself. Unless you decide otherwise and voluntarily on your part, of course.

If you want to disclose a password, you should do so on your own, not because you feel obligated to do so.

6. Take control of everything: The last thing your spouse should never ask you to do

Everyone has skills and characteristics that make them good at certain things. So it’s only fitting that if you are on top of finances, you are in control of family accounts. In turn, your partner could be great in the kitchen.

Your spouse should never ask you to take full responsibility for everything that happens. It would consume your energy and sooner or later you will feel overwhelmed.

Each member of the couple should actually have responsibilities in the relationship.

Do you think there are other things your spouse should never ask you to do?