6 Tips to Fall in Love with a Man

Having the exact formula to know how to make a man fall in love can be quite complicated, that is because one of us is different, we have different tastes, different dreams and preferences …

However, there are certain things that men love in a woman, and here are 6 tips that are key to getting your man to go crazy for you.

1. The look and the smile

They are key in the first meetings and are part of your image. They are your best cover letter. It is not about being cheeky or sending too many signals, but if you do not look at him (maybe because of shyness) it will be more difficult for him to decide to talk to you. A cordial and natural smile or a look that conveys affection can lead to a first friendly conversation and is essential to win the boy you like.

2. Optimism and naturalness

Always show yourself as you are and maintain a cheerful attitude as much as possible (sorrows and conflicts are scary). It is not that you have to be constantly laughing, but it is always easier and more pleasant to approach a person who has a positive attitude and an open mind about any topic or situation.

3. Balanced dialogue

After the physical impact, the first conversations are what will determine the chances of something else emerging. Listen to him carefully by being interested in his opinions and his way of thinking (he will be flattered). Of course, also present yours, trying to awaken, also in him, curiosity (bug) to know you better. If the dialogue works (even if you don’t agree on everything) it is a good starting point.

4. Security

Be sure of yourself, capable of making your own decisions, but without implying intransigence or rejection of any kind of detail or gallantry.

5. Some mystery

It does not fail! They love that enigmatic and reserved halo and it makes their most conquering self come out, but be careful! It is one thing that they find you interesting and another that they see you as inaccessible and even unpleasant.

6. Points in common

You have to discover them because a first outing together may depend on them. His hobbies, his favorite sport, the type of cuisine he likes the most. If you are already meeting him, why not be the one to propose a date?