6 types of arguments all happy couples can have

Find out that there are arguments in happy couples too. You will discover that the secret lies in honesty and open communication.

When we speak of a happy couple, we do not imagine for a moment that there can be disagreements between the spouses. We assume that, if they are happy, their life must be rosy, but the reality is that they had to face some serious arguments.

1. How to act when one of you is in a bad mood

Happiness is not a permanent state of mind. There are always, for some reason, factors that affect the mood and impact the happiness of the couple, causing trouble.

When you’re in a bad mood, several things happen:

  • It completely changes our attitude
  • We don’t want to talk to anyone
  • We forget the important details
  • Momentarily, we forget our partner’s needs
  • We are more inclined to start arguments

Just because of all of the problems that this can bring, one of the exchanges that any happy couple should have is how to act in this situation.

It is important to understand how the spouse reacts and how we need to act to keep the situation from getting out of hand.

Some basic guidelines can be established, such as:

  • Move away from the angry person until their mood improves.
  • Avoid jokes or jokes that may seem offensive if the person is very sensitive.

2. The division of household chores and arguments

When the decision is made to live together or get married, one of the discussions that all happy couples have is how the household chores will be distributed.

It is less and less common to find men with macho ideas. But it is always better to divide the tasks that each of them has to accomplish. Besides avoiding misunderstandings and wasted time, the two of you can organize yourself a lot better.

If you also find that your partner has macho tendencies, now is a good time to state your expectations on this. Consider that a lot of children have been educated this way and that it is not so easy to adopt new habits.

3. “Mom will come home”

The idea that mothers-in-law create problems for the couple is very common. However, this only happens when they arrive, and this holds true for other family members, with attitudes that affect the harmony of the home.

In addition to internal dissensions that may already exist, the arrival of the mother-in-law can make it difficult to live together. Especially when she wants to intervene more than she should.

In this case, we may encounter tension, changes in habits and discomfort. The good news is, this is one of the chats that all happy couples have.

It is necessary to establish the attitudes and the limits that the mother-in-law, or any other person, must maintain when she enters your home, in order to respect your privacy and the autonomy of the couple.

The degree of stability and understanding of the couple will undoubtedly solve the fate of the beloved mother-in-law who, in an attempt to impose herself, causes damage to the relationship, without the need for strong arguments and to fight.

4. One of the spouses is not punctual

Another of the arguments happy couples have is how long you have to wait for each other to do something. Even if you have agreed on a schedule in advance.

There is an ingrained idea that women tend to keep their partners waiting. Even if that’s not quite true. The reality is that men fall into this error as well and it is important to talk about how to act in this case to avoid arguments.

It may seem like a minor problem. But it is something that seriously affects some people. If this is the case for you or your partner, determine if there is an acceptable waiting period and what to do if it is exceeded.

5. “Your ex is persecuting us”

One of the problems that can strongly affect and trigger strong quarrels in the couple is when there is an ex-partner who has not understood that he is part of the past.

The presence of this attention grabber can throw the couple off balance and cause jealousy and arguments. If this is your case, you should know that you cannot control that person’s actions. But you can control how you respond:

  • Ignore this person
  • Leave if you meet her
  • Try to stand it
  • Take more serious legal action

6. Attention to social networks

The Internet is here to stay. But that’s one of the triggers for some of the arguments many happy couples have.

What do you share online? Do all of your photos go straight to Facebook? Where do you place the limit of your privacy that you must not exceed?

When using social media becomes addictive, it is common to run into problems. If you want to have a couple that lasts, set the limits for using technology early on.

Remember that you can always make evolutions if you feel it necessary, but you must have a comfortable base for yourself.

Have you had these kinds of conversations with your partner? Do you think we have talked about all the issues that should be taken into account for a better relationship?