6 types of people who would need to do some work on themselves before being in a relationship

Some people can fall in love with someone quickly.

Maybe they’re drawn to their looks, their story, or their fiery gaze. Or maybe they just see in him/her an inexplicable innocence that makes them want to take them under their wing and protect them.

They can’t always explain why they fall in love.

They always end up not liking the same kind of people, and relive the same situation over and over.
But in the end it’s their choice. Sometimes we need to have an experience to learn, grow and understand what we really deserve.

Here are 6 types of people who would need to do some self-actualization before being in a relationship
that you should avoid while waiting:

1) Good potential

The person has potential. You can see it. And you just know that all she needs is a little love and support from you to reach her full potential.

Maybe she is unable to keep a job. Maybe she smokes and drinks a little too much. Maybe she lacks ambition, doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life, or is a bit lazy. No matter what it is, you are up for trying to transform that person into who you want them to be.

It will never work. Because people are what they are. And they won’t change until they’re ready, if at all. If they’re not exactly what you want them to be right now, look for someone who has what you’re looking for instead.

2) Non-communicative / Non-communicative

This person would not communicate any emotion or feeling even if their life depended on it.

She’s late and doesn’t even think of calling you to let you know. You can go days without hearing from her because she doesn’t know you might be worried.

The most frustrating thing about these people is that they don’t think communication is important, they’re not going to improve because that’s what you want them to do. If you want to know their feelings and where you stand, move on. Because that will never happen.

3) The player

This person loves you, but they love a lot of other partners at the same time. The times you spend together are amazing… just like the times she spends with everyone else. You will never be her only partner because she is incapable of it. This is what spices up his life.

If you are looking for a committed and monogamous relationship, you will not find it with this person.

4) The one who does not know himself

It’s very easy to love these people. They seduce you with their phrase “I am so confused”. They ask you for your opinion on things. They feed your ego by tapping into your desire to help them figure things out. They say they want one thing, but their actions say something completely different.

It gets exhausting trying to figure out what they want, and until they know it, you will never make them happy. Because nothing and no one will make them happy. Get away from these people and let them find out for themselves.

6) The injured, lost

They are very similar to those who do not know each other. They’ve been hurt by another person, a trauma from their childhood, or some other disaster that happened recently in their life. They pretend to be the victim of everything that has happened in their life and they play on your sympathy and your desire to ” help them heal “.

It is very easy to have sympathy for these people. They come across as genuine, gentle, and so helpless. They need you and that can be very attractive. But beware as they will only drain your energy with nothing in return. Sometimes it’s best to stay friends and allow them to heal on their own before you embark on something more serious.

7) the manipulator/narcissist

They are the most dangerous of all. They have a lot of charisma and charm, especially at the beginning. They know how to seduce someone and will tell you anything you want to hear … especially since they “never felt this before” and feel “such a strong connection to you”.

Despite warnings or things that don’t match their past, you like them quickly. Once they get you, the games will begin. They may love you, but they love each other more. They lack empathy for others and if you ask them about what they are doing, they will manipulate you into thinking you are jealous, paranoid, or just plain crazy. They will use any form of manipulation to get what they want.

If possible try to get away from them no matter how much you love them.

Here’s what you need to know about these people: Their behavior is largely unconscious, not malicious, and these individuals don’t really realize that they are hurting their partner. It is for this reason that it is up to us to avoid them until they do the work they need on themselves.

Sometimes a selfless and patient person can play an important role in their healing, transformation, and helping them become aware of their behavior and its impact on others.

Enter with your eyes wide open and armor around your heart. These relationships can be emotionally draining, difficult, and deeply painful when they break up.  Protect yourself by having a good understanding of what you could become before embarking on a journey with someone who fits these descriptions.