6 ways to know if your breakup is final (or if it’s just a break)

It’s the argument of too much and you decide to separate, but you don’t know if you are going to get back together or not. So the final break or simple break? Here are six ways to find out.

If romantic relationships were served with an instruction manual, you would know. We always ask ourselves questions about everything, all the time. And if there is one question on which we would like to have explanations, it is the rupture.

Is it finished forever? Or is there still a chance that we will get back together? We help you determine it with these six clues.

1- You separated because … this is life

You work by day, he works by night. You go out on weekends, he rests at home. No matter which way, the problem is that you don’t see yourself enough. As a result, you cannot commit to 100% in the relationship and you will fall for it.

If you are in this situation, it may be that your break-up is temporary, the time to find yourself, to take stock, then possibly to seek a solution both.

2- You broke up after a big argument

You’ve probably been in this case when you absolutely wanted to have the last word, even if it meant saying things that you were going to regret. “I hate you, I never want to see you again, it’s all over between us!”. The second you say these words, you probably bite your fingers.
So take the time to reflect and ask yourself quietly in order to have a healthier discussion without sacrificing your entire relationship.

3- You still talk to each other, even after the break-up

You keep calling and even seeing it even during your break. You seem to be having a hard time detaching yourself completely. In fact, the only thing that has changed between you is that you are “separated”. If you are both struggling to try a “real” break (without making love, without communication, without contact), then there is a good chance that this separation will only be temporary.

4- You don’t want to go see someone else

Technically, seeing someone else during a break is not deceiving since you are separated. However, neither of you is ready to meet a new person. And you’re sick of imagining your “ex” in someone else’s arms …

It is a sign that you have not completely turned the page and that the break is only a break.

5- Your problems can be solved without permanently separating you

Routine, annoyance, tension … It’s too much for you and you make the decision to leave. But perhaps this crisis can be overcome and your concerns resolved without reaching a final break?

Communication is the key to not getting to extremes. With patience and understanding, chances are that the breakup is only temporary.

6- Life is better when you are together

Despite the problems that led to your breakup, you were in perfect harmony. You know that a temporary break is inevitable, but you cannot do without each other. It says: you are made for each other.
It is not always easy to pause your couple and it is not always effective. But it’s okay to want it to measure how much you love yourself. Take some time to find out if you are ready to give yourself a second chance or not …